Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey Hey Its Wednesday!

Oh I love it!!!
<---- Good Wednesday to you! Hope everyone is "doin dood" as Michael would say. Michael was the 3 year old son of an attorney that used to work at my firm. Everytime she'd bring him in, I'd say, "Hi Michael! How are you buddy?" He'd say..."doin dood" (sounds like good, but with a "d") Hilarious. Such a cutie too.

Aaaaaaanyway, belive it or not, I'm actually not looking forward to the weekend.
???!!! WHAT???!!! I know. Can you believe it? Well, heres the issue, and yes...I need a tissue.
My brother, sister in law, and my two ADORABLE, precious nephews, (2 and 4) --- who now live about 5 minutes away from me, are moving. TO KENTUCKY. When he called to tell me, I started crying. I'm such a wuss. And he only told me about 3 weeks ago. He said it was going to happen quickly. Boy, did it ever. Its upon me now and, while this move is the best thing for them, I'm really sad. Having those sweet angels 5 minutes away has just been glorious! And, I've tried to spend a lot of time around them, so they know me. They call me "Aunt Gigi" ♥ When the 4 yr old was really little, he couldn't quite get Aunt Angie and Gigi stuck. I love it!

Now, I know Kentucky is not that far away. As a matter of fact, my parents live in Kentucky and they will now be about 5 minutes away from them---which of course my mother is thrilled about. But its still not 5 minutes from me. :( So this is why I'm not THAT thrilled about this weekend. Friday night we're all going out to dinner one last time and Saturday is "load the truck" day. *Sigh*

I'm so glad to have been a part of their lives up to this point. And I hope they don't forget their Aunt Gigi. I plan on taking quite a few road trips in the near future.

Aunt Gigi loves you both, very much ♥


Bluewater Studio, LLC said...

A! :):) I so wish we were neighbors. They will NEVER forget you, ever. Don't even think about that... you are unforgettable. :):) Start planning your next road trip with a side stop over in Michigan? xoxo S.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Weee! I would friggin LOVE that! HA! ~~ROAD TRIP!~~XOXO

Anonymous said...

Oh that has to be so difficult Angie. I hope their move goes well and I'm sure it will be filled with many tears.

Rocki said...

Oh I feel your pain Ang! I wish I had magic words to make you feel better about their move, but hopefully you guys can visit often. The boys are so cute!

Amy Esther said...

Aw, they look sweet! Good luck to them on the move!

Curtis & Maggie said...

You know they won't forget their Aunt Gigi!!! They love you SOOO much (and Uncle Dam!)!!! As do Curt and I!!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sharon, Rocki & Amy:
Thank you for your kind words. :) ♥

Lulu said...

Angie -
I live away from my grandson, my kids and all of my nieces and nephews, so I know that it's tough - hang in there - visits are great, the world is smaller than you think, and at least you can email/send pix and otherwise stay in touch.

Don't you love how they're hugging each other sooo tightly??!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks so much Lulu. They really are the sweetest to each other. I'm always telling 'em..."love your brother" HA! and they do. And you're right about staying in touch. Its just going to be SO hard actually telling them "bye" And I don't want to cry in front of them. *repeats to self* "you'll be'll be okay"

Lulu said...

Ummmm....actually, I think it's ok to cry in front of them. Kids know anyway....right? It's ok to tell them that you're sad to see them go but happy for their new cool opportunity...