Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve ~~ Yay!

{Circa 1907 - The first "ball drop" in Times Square}

Hello Hello people! Good morning and Happy New Year's Eve! I can't believe the year is just about over. Where in the world does the time go? :)

No huge party plans for tonight. Saturday is going to be Jean's memorial service and honestly, I'm just not in the partying mood. I'm gonna start to undecorate this afternoon when I get home. Tell me: do you have any sort of tradition about taking down your decor before the New Year? I've heard many different things and I guess everyone has their own tradition they go by. We never really had one. The decor came down as I found the time to do it, as I'm sure it is with most folks. A few years ago I heard that its bad luck for the new year if you still had your decor up on New Years Day. I'm not a superstitious person, but since then, I've tried to take mine down before the 1st. The other day I heard that you're supposed to leave everything up until January 6th. Ok, random. I have no idea the significance of that day, and the person who told me this didn't either. Its just what her family always did. What are your thoughts?

Next order of business: an award! Yay!!! I'm a bit late posting it, but hey...its an AWARD. Whoot! My dear sweet friends Sharon, of Mana Moon and Laura of Any Occasion Boutique have both given me this award. I'm so grateful to you both! Its an honor, truly! And I will post it with pride :) And because I'm feeling sassy, I'm not gonna follow the rules. MWhaha! Everytime I try to award it to someone, something goes wonky, so I will graciously and humbly accept it and that all. :)

OK, so I'm working all day today. Blech. Maybe...just maybe the boss lady will let us go early?!? One can only

If you have plans for this evening, please take care and have a wonderful time! Wishing you all a prosperous and glorious New Year!

Much Love and Peace to All ♥,

Monday, December 29, 2008

Already? Are You Sure??

Good Monday everyone :o)

As I was driving in to work this morning, I was thinking, "this seems awfully familiar..." Heh heh It has been a full 7 days since I was at work last. Its been wonderful being away!!!
Now I've got to gear up and stay busy for 3 days, then get more time off. Thank goodness for short work weeks. ARG!

So, I made a few pairs of earrings yesterday. Still not really feeling the creative juiciness, but at least, its starting to bubble. I need to look into what colors are hot for spring/summer, so I can have an idea of what I should be making. Generally, I don't follow that type of guideline. I usually make just whatever pops into my mind. This year tho...I'm gonna start at least paying attention to that. It couldn't hurt, right??

So...last night I watched "The Secret" again. My BFF was having a rough night. Got a really nasty email from one of her siblings and was just at her wits end. She kept talking about how something needed to "shift" and she must need to change something in her life. I thought, "ding ding ding!!!" I said, "Dude...we should totally watch "The Secret". She whirled around and said, "you want to?" I said, "Absolutely! Plus, I think you could really use it right now." Yep. She really did need it. She felt SO much better when it was over; she even took notes during the movie. :o) And you know...I really wanted to say something profound -- something she would remember and try to apply - something! But nothing came to me. I mean, one thing I've learned with my friends who want/need advice: I can talk till I'm blue in the face about what they could do, should do, what I would do...but until they have that "lightbulb moment", it doesn't really stick with them. I'm so glad I thought to suggest the movie. It also helps a great deal to watch people who have an education - smarts - lets be honest...letters behind their just seems to make it more "official" sounding. {they must know what they're talking about ~ they have phd/md behind their names!} heh heh But seriously? These people have spent their lives applying the secret and have seen results. Who better to explain it?

All in all, I think watching it helped her realize what she needs to do to change her life. I'm so glad for it. She said, "can we send a copy of this to the White House?" LOL!! I said, "lets do it!" I'm feeling great today :o) Watching that always renews my spirit and makes me think how many things are possible. ♥

Thats all for me right now. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
Love & Peace to All,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello Hi !

Good Morning! (at the start time of this post, it IS still morning; just wanted to throw that

Well, I'd thought I'd get on here yesterday and post, but let me just say - I was still so sleepy and achy (sorry Mom, that bed wrecked my back :/ ) - I just didn't do much of anything. So, this morning I'm feeling much better and ready to show ya some pics! And I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break. ♥

Now: There were many, many pics taken, but I just pulled out my favorites.

Here we have Grandma Great and baby Maia. She really is the sweetest, most calm and chill baby. ♥

So Alert! Making those sweet cooing baby noises ~ Aw! ♥

My sweet angel boys ♥ Love your brother!
They are so dang funny! The things they come up with and the little things that make them laugh ~ Ah, I love 'em : ) ♥

Christmas morning's big gifts . . . ~ A "big boy" bike! Whoot!! ♥

~ . . . and a new guitar for our little rocker! ♥ So funny!!

So there ya go ~ pics from the trip. I had a wonderful time of some serious relaxation and some even more insane eating. All my favorite meals and snacks and goodies and treats - everywhere. And...Mom and Grandma always asking me if I needed anything, while standing in the kitchen ready and posed like a couple of relay runners. They both went waaaaay overboard, but as my Mom said, she enjoyed every minute of it. Just having the family there made her Christmas.

Thats it for me. I'm feeling that there maaaay be a creative jewelry streak coming on. I made some earrings for my Mom and Maggie and it rekindled the 'ol juices. lol! So, I'm off to try and make somehing.

Enjoy your Sunday ~ back to the grindstone for me tomorrow, thankfully for just a few days.

Love & Peace to All

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ The BEST Time ~

Merry Christmas Everyone! I've had the most wonderful time; I trust everyone has enjoyed their holiday :o)

I 'm headed home tomorrow and hope to have a relaxing rest of the weekend.
Talk to everyone soon!
Love & Hugs,
~ Angie

Monday, December 22, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend


Well, let me just tell ya... what an insane weekend for me. It was great --- but it was intense! LOL I'll preface by saying that usually, I am pretty well organized when it comes to Christmas. I usually start my shopping in October and by the time December rolls around, I'm doing really good. Well --- this year was a completely different story. Heh..

I didn't start my dang shopping until the first of December. BAD idea for me. I hate the feeling of being rushed or having no plan of action, no organization.; hoping I've remembered everyone. Ugh. all came out in the wash. I'm finished {with 3 days to spare, I thank you.) --- I've never cut it this close before. But I'm done! Whoot Whoot!!

Wrapped everything last night. About...3.5 hours total. Every surface of every table was covered with one thing or another, so I sat on the floor. For 3 hours. back is killing me. We do what we must, I guess. lol

On a different note, I'm just about ready for my trip. {oh I also did 5 loads of laundry yesterday, in between running to Wal-Mart, making jewelry, wrapping presents, etc.} I have to do one more load tonight and pack. The sweet husband is taking my car to get it all bright and shiny -- he took it Saturday morning to have the oil changed, and tires rotated and balanced. Thanks honey! My plan is to wake up at my normal time {4:45} and get ready and head on out by 6:00 at the latest. Its about...6 hour, maybe 6.5 hour drive. Not too bad. The good thing is - getting there early enough to take a nap. lol!!
I will not be incommunicado. Hopefully, I'll be able to pop in while I'm gone.

Ok, thats it for me. I wish you all a great Monday! Not too long now... Yay!!

Love ♥ & Peace to all!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


S T I L L A L I V E ! ! YAY! I just got back from Wal-Mart . Oh yeah. Made it in and out in less than an hour. I'm still in shock a little. I figured it'd be stuffed with people. Nope. There were folks there, don't get me wrong. They just happened to be in other parts of the store from me, I guess. It wasn't crowded at all where I was. Got a semi-front row parking spot too. Whoot!!

Now, I know what you're thinking....But just because this worked out doesn't mean I will procratinate next year. Oh No. I've got big plans for next year to start shopping early. lol

Well, I'm off to start the laundry and make some baubles! Hope you're all having a wonderful day!!

Love & Peace ♥,

Friday, December 19, 2008



Whew! What a week! I've been extra busy this week preparing for Christmas - I have bought all the presents I need, save three. Only three more. And guess where I need to go? Wal-mart. Yep. Ugh. I mean...the thought of going to Wal-mart just days before Christmas frightens my person. But its my own fault for procrastinating this long. We do what we must, right?

Ok, enough outta me. I must get some work done! I wish for you all a happy weekend!!
Love & Peace On Earth,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Its getting REALLY close people! Weeeee! I'm so excited, especially to go see my family. Sooooo, its been a busy week for me. I've been finishing up the STP thingy ~ hopefully mailing it out to that special someone today. Hope it gets there before the big day, but if not, its the effort behind it right? Right? Ahhh, I hope it makes it. LOL

I'm also doing a special project/gift for my mom. I was watching a show on HGTV (love that channel) and there was an ornament hanging on a tree in the background. I LOVED it!! I decided that I could re-create it, so thats what I'm gonna do, by golly. I don't want to say too much because if I do, then inevitably my Mom would read my blog. AHAAA! But when I'm finished, I'll post some pics of the steps and actual project. I'm gonna be working on it tonight. So fun!!

A week from today, I will be in Kentucky, chillin with my Mom and Grandma! *clap-clap* I'm so excited too, to meet Ms. Maia Grace - the newest addition to the family. And I will also be able to see my precious angel boys. They've grown so much since I saw them last. Sigh.
Get this: yesterday Maggie said she was watching them play out in the snow. THE SNOW!! OMG. Can it possibly happen? I'll have a White Christmas?? Could it be? Oh I really really hope so. It will be my first in many many years. That'd just make the whole trip!

Ok, enough of my ramblings. I must get to work! I hope you're all having a great week! Blessings!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

R'you Serious Clark?

I can't believe it! For me, this holiday season has really flown by. Feels like just yesterday was Thanksgiving. Sheeeesh!

So, I had a wonderful weekend Whoot! I got a ton of Christmas shopping done ~ spent most of the day Saturday online ~ Yay for online shopping! Its seriously the easiest way to go, IMO. Hopefully, everything will get here in time with no problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed tho.. ♥


On a 'jewelry' note - I've got to make some earrings for my nephew's wife. Always exciting to just sit and whip something up real quick. LOL!! I've also got another couple Christmas gifts to make {{MAGGIE - DON'T READ THIS!!!}} lol Every time a grandbaby has been born, I've made something with the birthstone for my sister-in-law. Just a little something - dainty - everyday wearable, etc. So, I've got to come up with SOMETHING "topaz-y" to represent Ms. Maia Grace ♥ :: as well as some earrings for my mom with all three of the grandkids' birthstones in them. Aww - I know. She's gonna love it ~ LOL

I'm updating you on the progress of the TTP [also known as the Triple Threat Project]. Sadly enough - it is no longer the "TTP", but instead the STP. lol Thats right folks - the Single Threat Project. Heh heh. As much fun as they are to do, I've just not had the time to do the ones I wanted to do. However I have managed to almost complete one and so one is all there'll be {which doesn't really matter because no one knew what they were} lol Just know that I *love* the way its turned out and will be sending it off in the post shortly to the extraordinary person to whom it goes. I'll let ya know how it all works out!

And last, but certainly not least, I wanted to include this gorgeous picture from my favorite desktop wallpaper site. Now, the other day I posted a pic that reminded me of my Grandma's town in Ohio. Well, believe it or not, this reminds me of my other Grandma's house. Not really the house, but the road leading to the house. They lived on a sprawling farm with fences just like these and it snowed every year and it was just the most beautiful scenery. I miss it very much. This Grandma {and Grandpa} have both passed on, but the farm is still there. I wonder if I'll get back to see it one day. ♥

There you have it. I'm off to get some office work done. I hope you ALL have a wonderful day! Yes, its Monday, but...a mini break is coming soon! Whoot!!

Love ♥ & Peace to All,

Friday, December 12, 2008

♥ ~ T. G. I. F ~ ♥


First let me say ~Thank You~ to all of you for your thoughts, posts and warm wishes regarding my mother-in-law, Jean. Both Dan and I are extremely grateful for your kindness. I did read him all the comments/posts as well as the poem and well...we were both just boo-hoo'in. But thank you all the same. It really means so much ♥

Second ~ Is this picture not to die for? It seriously looks like my Grandma's town in Springfield Ohio. Not kidding! There's a little bridge and beautiful houses like that - they usually have snow around this time of year - I just LOVE going up there! Granted, the town has been "built up" quite a bit over the years - lots of businesses and cookie-cutter houses, but if you know where to go --- its just quaint! ♥ Plus, its where we always went for Christmas; my childhood is filled with memories and scenes like the one above. So lovely!

Third ~ Its Friday!!! Whooooooottt!! OTT! After the week I've had, I'm SO happy its Friday. Its been very bittersweet and emotionally draining, yet also very happy and exciting. A plethora of emotions ~ a true rollercoaster. But, hey...its the weekend - time for relaxing and some Christmas shopping. I hope to do some of the shopping online and not have to go to the stores and fight the crowds. If my dear !MOTHER! would get back to me about what to get her and my Dad. Geez Mom! C'mon! Work with me here... :o)

Shameless Plug of the Day:

Oh, by the way...did you hear? LAURA LEE'S TASTY TREATS is now open! Whoot!! Go! Run! Right now! So yummy! Yay Laura!! Go you!!

Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Happy Holidays ♥
Love & Peace,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She Sleeps In Heavenly Peace...Finally

My husband's step mom passed away this morning, after a very long bout with cancer. This was her 3rd time fighting the beast. This time, it won. She was a warm, caring and wonderful lady and will be badly missed, but after several weeks of suffering and "wanting to die", she is most definitely in a better place. We love you Jean ~ always! ♥

“You can shed tears that she is gone,
or you can smile because she has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all she's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see her,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her only that she is gone,
or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what she'd want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.”

David Harkins (British Poet and Painter b.1958)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exhausted, But Still Kickin!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Whew. What a weekend! As many of you know we had the husband's company Christmas party Saturday night. I think its safe to say I'm still recovering. LOL I'm not a big 'drinker', so I didn't have the unhappiness that is a hangover. Yay! Also let it be known that we both danced as if there were no tomorrow and of course, the hubby is fine, while my feet and back still hurt. Hmph! Figures. I ended up going to bed around midnight, while the hubby didn't stroll in until about 3:30. ~Crazy~!!! After we left Sunday morning, we were both ravenous and decided to get some -bad for you- Taco Bell. I'm tellin ya...the best dang Taco Bell I've ever had! LOL

Also, this year we decided to "dress down". In years past, we go all out - its the downtown Hilton- and a Christmas party for cripes sake! hee hee!! We (meaning I), spend an unmentionable amount of money on new outfits and all the accessories, etc. This year with money being scarce, we decided to go casual (which was convenient because we "shopped" in our closet, hee!) and boy did it pay off! The hubby said he was the most comfortable he'd ever been at one of these shindigs. I was pretty comfy too, except for my 3.75 inch heeled boots. Hmmm....yeah - no wonder my feet hurt. Duh!! All in all, it was a wonderful night! We both needed to unwind a bit and let loose. Good times!

Lets see...OH! I had a sale Friday! Whoot!! Yay for sales!! I will not divulge the person's name, but she knows who she is ♥ I will tell you however, what a complete honor it was for her to purchase something from me. You see...she makes jewelry. WHAT??!!?? What is that you say?? Oh yes. She makes beautiful jewelry. To have another jewelry designer buy something of mine - for herself - to wear - gives me such a thrill. A certain amount of validation. Ya know? My head was spinning when I got the email and saw who it was from. I just want you to know how much it means to me. And I can't WAIT for you to get them!! Weeeeeeeeee!!

And...had another sale yesterday! OTT(optional toe touch)!! (for Lulu♥) LOL!! I was so excited!! I actually had to order more shipping supplies last night. So cool! Ya see? Its the little things in life that make me smile! Those are the best!! LOL

Good gravy. This post is long! See what happens when I'm away for a few days? I have too much to talk about and then there's a small novel on my blog. Eeeek!

I shall be placing an order with Laura Lee's Tasty Treats very very soon. If you haven't checked it out, please visit her shop. I 'd love to place an order for just me..mwhwhaaaa, but the goodies are for a party on the 20th. Such is life...but I should probably sample everything and make sure its okay for consumption. BHAHAAAAA!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!
Love and Peace to All!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


♥ CLICK ON THE PIC! ♥ Or the title of the post...or the link below.
Shameless PLUG!

My spectacularly *brilliant* friend Laura, is opening up a NEW shop on Etsy - Grand Opening Tomorrow (Sunday - December 7th) !! (bless her heart! I couldn't do it! LOL )
Let me be one of many to say from experience...this gal can bake! Uh huh!! She kindly sent me some samples this week. Oh my stars people.... The 'ol crash diet went ~wooooooooosh~ right out the window. Of course the delectable goodies are already gone and I sit here now, wishing I had just one more cookie... Ha!

I am extremely grateful for her new undertaking, as I was actually thinking of doing some holiday baking - to give some yummy edibles to family and friends at a party I'm attending on the 20th. Mwhahaa! Thanks to Laura's brilliance...I don't have to! Whoot! {{Side note: my oven sucks and I was dreading doing the baking! }}

She has an amazingly wonderful variety of yummy goodness! I can't believe all she's going to be offering. If only...she didn't live so far away. It'd certainly be helpful if she lived next door. Of course, if that was the case, I'd probably weigh as much as .... well, lets not go there. Hee hee!! PLEASE, for the love of Pete, just check her out. ♥

On another note...the hubby's company party is tonight. Going to party like a rock star! Whoot!

Love & Peace Y'all!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I can't believe I've received another award from my beautiful, funny friend Sharon of Mana Moon Studios. Sharon, thank you! You are the bestest ever! :o) I'm actually not really sure what this award is its an ~AWARD~ Whoot!!

Now, there are rules...of course, there are always rules. And rules are sometimes meant to be broken..MWHAHAAAAA! Just kidding! I'll really try to follow them.

The rules for this award MUST be followed and they are:

1. Add the logo/badge to your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them.

Seven or more????? Seriously???? Whoa. Um...give me a sec; brb.

Ok, I'm back and here are the nominations:

Laura of AnyOccasionBoutique
Lulu of LulusSandbar
Rocki of RockisRocknBeads
Cindy of SewHappyDesigns
Bunnie of TheBumbleBeeStudio
Kez of KezBirdie

Oooo, just under seven. Oh well. Thats all ya get. So...I bestow this award on each of you for (i'm not really sure) making me laugh and being SO friggin AWESOME. Love to you all!!

As for today in my world...I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the husband's company Christmas party this weekend. Eeek! Usually, its a big to-do. They rent out the top floor of the Hilton downtown - everyone dresses up - we party and dance till the wee hours of the morning - also have a block of rooms reserved so no one has to drive home. Its usually a wonderful time and it will most likely be again! This year...its gonna be at the same place, but the husband and I have decided that we're NOT dressing up. Its all casual for us. I mean, we're usually the most dressed up ones there anyway, no offense to anyone, but these are construction-type guys - come on...they don't get dressed up! LOL So this year, we are ALL going casual. Yay!! I'm just glad we'll be comfy. Ya know?

So thats it for me. I'm going to get another cup of coffee/hot chocolate. Ever tried that? OMG. Talk about Ziiiiiiiiing! I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this mornin, I tell ya what. LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone ♥ !
Love & Peace,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


<--- LOL!!!

Poor kitty. Come on y'all, its funny!!! :o)

So...heres the scoop. I've become lax in my postings and have neglected my blog. Not on purpose; but there for a while, I was sick - then there was a long holiday weekend - (which in all honesty: I didn't want to be on the computer) and the whole "posting everyday" got to be a little much. Those are my excuses. Take 'em or leave 'em. :oP

I did enjoyed posting everyday, there for a while. It helped me in one way or another. But with the busy, busy holiday season upon us, I've got tons of things to do, many projects I'm working on, my favorite Christmas movies to watch, lol!! many things! Some days when I draaaaaaag myself into work, I can barely keep my eyes open to work, let alone type up a post. Just keep checkin back! I'm not cutting it out completely mind just probably won't be everyday - at least until after the holidays. I'm hoping everyone will understand.

That being said - have a great rest of your day!
Love & Peace Y'all!! ♥


Monday, December 1, 2008

♥~I HAVE PICTURES~♥ (part 2) (Part one, below)

Angelic little face...♥

Tiny little smile!! ♥

Already sucking her thumb! LOL

Chillin with Grandpa on Thanksgiving

Watchin TV, being protective already! Sweetest big brother...♥

Words fail me now...I cannot TELL y'all how excited I am to meet her in person. This very last picture of her and Nathan, just sent me over the edge, into a boo-hoo fest. I'm so excited! ♥

Happy Monday to everyone! (They're playing Christmas music on the radio!) Whoot!! ♥

Love & Peace Y'all!!


Daddy (my Brother) and Maia

Mommy, Wesley & Maia

Mommy, Nathan & Maia

Grandma (my Mom) & Maia

Grandpa (my Dad) & Maia