Monday, December 22, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend


Well, let me just tell ya... what an insane weekend for me. It was great --- but it was intense! LOL I'll preface by saying that usually, I am pretty well organized when it comes to Christmas. I usually start my shopping in October and by the time December rolls around, I'm doing really good. Well --- this year was a completely different story. Heh..

I didn't start my dang shopping until the first of December. BAD idea for me. I hate the feeling of being rushed or having no plan of action, no organization.; hoping I've remembered everyone. Ugh. all came out in the wash. I'm finished {with 3 days to spare, I thank you.) --- I've never cut it this close before. But I'm done! Whoot Whoot!!

Wrapped everything last night. About...3.5 hours total. Every surface of every table was covered with one thing or another, so I sat on the floor. For 3 hours. back is killing me. We do what we must, I guess. lol

On a different note, I'm just about ready for my trip. {oh I also did 5 loads of laundry yesterday, in between running to Wal-Mart, making jewelry, wrapping presents, etc.} I have to do one more load tonight and pack. The sweet husband is taking my car to get it all bright and shiny -- he took it Saturday morning to have the oil changed, and tires rotated and balanced. Thanks honey! My plan is to wake up at my normal time {4:45} and get ready and head on out by 6:00 at the latest. Its about...6 hour, maybe 6.5 hour drive. Not too bad. The good thing is - getting there early enough to take a nap. lol!!
I will not be incommunicado. Hopefully, I'll be able to pop in while I'm gone.

Ok, thats it for me. I wish you all a great Monday! Not too long now... Yay!!

Love ♥ & Peace to all!!!


Bluewater Studio said...

Hi Ang!
What a Happy Monday (and crazy) morning it is... (back at 6am) when my Mr. Potato Head (yes he is ON my desk, too!) - along with some precious Kirby Erasers and my Hello Kitty Pencil Mug - and lo and behold, MISS Tangerine Geek Head... well, she was taking over, I think her and Mr. Potato Head have a thing goin on? LMAO (already??? they JUST met???)!!

At first I was unsure of "her" orientation, but now I know, she IS A MISS, unless Mr. Potato Head is wrong... and he has made some mistakes in the past...

...we are talking huge grins on my face... with wonderful thoughts of YOU, and well, what else can I say, you are incredible. I wish you a really safe trip, and a really really GREAT visit w/ your new niece... and see you when you get back!!! Tons of really big bear hugs, your friend, FOREVER, yup, you are stuck w/ me. xoxo Sab

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hi Sab! xoxo Yay! I'm so glad "she" has found a wonderful new home :) Thanks for your sweet comments and well wishes ♥ I thank you dear friend! I wish you the merriest of Christmas' and I'll be back soon! Whoot!! Huge bear hugs coming back at ya ~ your forever friend ~ xoxox Ang ♥

Lulu said...

Have fun, be safe, enjoy ENJOY your holiday! I'm so grateful to have found you - thanks again for OTT - he will go home with me to the snowy Midwest for the holiday.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could relate to the early shopping thing but it seems each year despite my desires I always end up shopping late. I know how off we can feel when our routines are out of whack though, but you've done a great job and you're finished - whoot!

I probably won't talk to you before you leave so have a wonderful and very safe trip my dear friend and I'll look to catch up with you after the holiday. Enjoy those darling nephew and new niece and may this be the best holiday ever!♥

(oh, and make a snow angel for me ;-) )

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Lulu! OTT's first road trip! How exciting!! Same to you my dear ~ Be safe in your travels and Merry Christmas!

Sharon ~ I WILL talk to you when I get back. I'm itching with anticipation for you to open your pressie! lol!! Please wish everyone at your house a Merry Christmas for me!

Hugs & Smoochies to you both! xoxo

Any Occasion Boutique said...

YAY!!!! You got all your Christmas shopping done! Woo Hoo!!! Well, my dear, just when I thought I had it all together, FLUMP! I forgot one :-O I guess I shouldn't be too shocked since my head has been somewhere else than other on my shoulder! LOL!!!

Well, please be very safe on your trip and have a wonderful, beautiful, lovely Christmas :-)
Big hugs,

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Ah, I'm not worried about at ALL about you. You'll get it done in time. I have no doubts! Safety is my middle name. Fer real. :oP
I wish you a wonderful, beautiful, lovely Christmas too my friend! ♥