Friday, January 30, 2009

~Backside Friday~

Teeeheee!!...Nice view :P

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! Wheeeee! Its the weekend!!!! *happy dance*

You all know how I love the weekend ~ I guess it mostly comes from not loving my day job ~ because when Friday rolls around, I am giddy like a little school girl :)) AND...if being a glorious Friday isn't enough??, I'm only here for a few hours today and then its home I go! Whoot!!

I have a few projects in the works with my jewelry (Yay!!), and several things to do around the house. I know it isn't Spring yet, but the urge to "Spring clean" has been overwhelming the past few weeks. Now... most of you have never been to my house, but if you'd know that the "overwhelming urge to clean" doesn't hit me very often. I mean...I don't want to think of myself as "domestically disabled", but I'd rather put a fork in my eye than dust and vacuum. ICK-POO. Sooooo, when the urge comes on, I roll with it as much as it pains me. LOL Then inevitably...I'm so proud of myself that everything is shiny and smells so wonderful! Love a clean house --- just don't wanna clean it myself. Fancy a maid? Why of course! heheee :)

Other than all of that, I've no other plans. Laundry is caught up (hellz yeah!) and my only other plans for the weekend are puttering around the house and playing on PV. Thats it. Isn't that AWESOME?!!? Whooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!

I also forgot to mention ~ had another sale! Yay!!!!!!!!!! And...[she knows who she is :) ] it was from another jewelry designer, no less. Seriously...its such a compliment to me when another jewelry artist admires and purchases something. Such an honor! So Thanks, L!! I heart you more than my luggage. BAH!!!

SO, my friends ~ I wish you all a happy Friday and a wonderful productive weekend! Be safe, be kind to each other and enjoy it!!!

Much love & Peace,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"We were not created to be eaten by anxiety, but to walk upright, free, unafraid in a world where there is work to do, truth to seek, love to give and win."

Joseph Ford Newton
What a beautiful insight! Don't ya think? If I could remember this every time I start to worry or feel anxious - it'd do me a world of good - but its very hard, isn't it? When faced with adversity, we tend to only focus on that hardship, whatever it may be. Not good! Because all we're doing is attracting the negative, sad, anxious, nervous feelings and emotions to ourselves and our surroundings. If you are constantly focusing on the can you EVER see the good?

So here's your challenge: When faced with pessimism, challenges, controversy - stop and think. Try to change your focus. Look for the positive in the situation - there's always something positive - just search for it. Once you start to change your thought process to the positive, things will absolutely fall into place. Every time.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful day! I can see Friday just around the corner! :D
Love & Peace to all ♥,

Monday, January 26, 2009

~Here We Go Again...~

Goooooood Monday Morning everyone :) So far...(its not even 7:00am though) its a good day! lol I had a wonderful relaxing weekend; I hope you enjoyed the same. ♥

Lets see...not too much to report - OH! I got another award! Whoo Hoo! My first time receiving this darling award, from Sharon no less...SWEETIE..."The Lemonade Award" ♥ For making lemonade out of the lemons life gives us. AW! I shall post it right away with the others. Thank you Sharon, for believing this of me. Some days are more difficult than others and, while I've never thought of it before, I guess the award is fitting - since more often than not, I'm challenged most everyday to "make some lemonade". Again, Sharon - Thank you!!! ♥

As far as my blog goes...I haven't devoted the time I'd like to it. I'd like to set myself up a schedule to post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Hehe...operative word: "like". We'll see how that goes. Right now, I'm not doing that much to blog about. But if I blog at least 3 days a week, maybe it will be a motivator to get some jewelry posted. Heheeeeee :)

Alrighty, thats it for me. I hope everyone has a great Monday, and I'll talk to you folks later!!
Love & Peace,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~^~ Peek-a-Boo!! ~^~

Aren't they precious? I just wanna grab that little one out of the tree and take him home! Soooo cute!! ♥
Hellllooooo my friends! Gawwww, I feel like I haven't blogged forever..., but yes - I'm still alive - just pluggin away everyday, doing my thing. :D Honestly, I'm just trying to get back into my routine. My body/self looooves a routine. When its thrown into sudden chaos, it usually takes me a while to get back into the swing of things. After a rough start to the new year, I'm happy to report, I'm finally feeling normal again. Yay!!! Whoot Whoot!! :D

I've also been thinking and brewing up some very cool new items for my shop. It will take me a while to get them made up, pics and uploaded, but I will post about them here when I do. OTT!!

I'm awfully glad its Wednesday. And by the way, its been FREEZING here in the south. As I'm typing, I've got four layers on and two scarves - mainly because my office is on an outside wall - and I'm still too freakin cold!! Here in a minute, I'm gonna go run around the office for a few minutes. Wheeeee~ Next topic... lol

* ~.~ SHOUT OUT ~.~ *
If you have a second, please stop by "Sweets -n- Greets", formerly known as {Any Occasion Boutique) ♥ Laura is having a dang party over there!! Without further ado, I give you...

"Not Even A Crumb Left" Giveaway!!! Ok, people...scamper right on over there and enter yourself (just by posting a comment) for the "Black Tie Cookie Bars" - holy cavities Batman - are those things delicious??!!?, YES they are! I'd enter myself, but here I am...trying to be good and stay on my diet and she goes and has a ding dang giveaway. Ohh, what I wouldn't give to have one of those tasty treats right about now with my morning coffee. Hee hee!! I can tell you from experience that they're small pieces of heaven. Oh yes they are. So there you have it. :D

Alrighty then, I'm off to get some work done. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Oh yeah,...we have a NEW PRESIDENT! Whoot Whoot!!! :D

Peace & Love Y'all!! ♥

Saturday, January 17, 2009

~ Happy SATURDAY ~ OTT!!!

~ GREETINGS Friends! Happy Saturday :) Ok, that picture is just crazy insane, is it not? hehe

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I'm not doing much today -- just the way I like it thank you very much. :P

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a nice day - {and I still haven't forgotten to write about my new team--I'll do it soon ♥}
Love & Peace,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

*~^~Happy Wednesday~^~*

Hello, Hello everyone! Long time no blog. hehe
Honestly, I've not really been in the mood to blog. I'm sure that will change, but this week has been a bit different for me on the home front, so I figured the blog could wait.

Some big news - I've joined a team. And Etsy Team. WHAT??!!! Can you believe it? I never thought I would join one. But this one was started by my dear sweet friend Sharon, and because of her brizilliant mind, how could I resist? HA! I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I will blog about it this weekend, more in depth - with links and pictures and such. It sounds so cool! I can't wait to get started!! Yay!! ♥

Sorry so short, but I've gotta go for now. I hope you ALL have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!!
Love & Peace to ALL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

SOOOO glad its Thursday ~

Good Thursday everyone! I've been absent all week from blogland, but it looks like a few others have as well. I hope everyone is doing okay...

My week has been one of transition and getting back into my routine. As much as my body loves routine, I do love a good vacation from it all. This week has been trying in more ways than one, but I am SO happy the weekend is almost here. Yay!!!

Soooo, I've been busy on Polyvore lately...*grins* Yeah, I know...I should be making jewelry. But as a dear sweet friend pointed out...Polyvore is creative too! lol

Here's a couple of my latest. Please feel free to browse and check out what I've been up to. Addiction is such an ugly word...but seriously - I can't get enough of this site! :D
{{oh! and if you can, listen to the music!}}

~*Volare*~ by AK Designs

~~ Come By The Hills ~~ by AK Designs

I love Polyvore! Have I said that already?? lol
Its just another creative outlet for me...and doesn't cost a thing! Whoooooo!! :D

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~
Love to All!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year, I think...

Yup...thats what I feel like this dreary Monday morning. I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend - I'm almost positive it was better than mine.

As many of you know, Dan's stepmom, Jean passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. Her memorial service was scheduled for Jan 3rd. We got a call on New Years Eve day that Dan's Grandmother was on her way to the hospital because of trouble breathing. Not abnormal - we didn't think anything of it really - she was doing pretty good for 89 years of age. Dan's Mom was at the hopsital with Grandma - Dan was in the area, so he drove up there to be with her. He got there 4 minutes before Grandma died. He said he got to watch her take her last breath. Sigh.

A whirlwind of scheduling ensued and Mom was able to get everything taken care of and scheduled Grandma's service on the 4th. Since everyone was already up for Jean's service, they were all able to be there for Grandma's too. It was an insane weekend filled with tears, laughter and more food than I care to remember. I'm relieved its over.

Anyway, needless to say...I'm draggin hind end today. Tired. Drained. Spent.
I'm gonna go warm up my 3rd cup of coffee.
Please...everyone try to have a good day :) I'm gonna try reeeeeeeally hard. :) Thank goodness for naps!

Love to all!
Angie ♥