Thursday, January 8, 2009

SOOOO glad its Thursday ~

Good Thursday everyone! I've been absent all week from blogland, but it looks like a few others have as well. I hope everyone is doing okay...

My week has been one of transition and getting back into my routine. As much as my body loves routine, I do love a good vacation from it all. This week has been trying in more ways than one, but I am SO happy the weekend is almost here. Yay!!!

Soooo, I've been busy on Polyvore lately...*grins* Yeah, I know...I should be making jewelry. But as a dear sweet friend pointed out...Polyvore is creative too! lol

Here's a couple of my latest. Please feel free to browse and check out what I've been up to. Addiction is such an ugly word...but seriously - I can't get enough of this site! :D
{{oh! and if you can, listen to the music!}}

~*Volare*~ by AK Designs

~~ Come By The Hills ~~ by AK Designs

I love Polyvore! Have I said that already?? lol
Its just another creative outlet for me...and doesn't cost a thing! Whoooooo!! :D

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~
Love to All!!



Anonymous said...

Hey, you know what else is creative? Starting our own Etsy team!.... whatyah think?? I know, I know it does beat Polyvore. ;-) Just a thought though.

So your designs are GORGEOUS!! So glad it's Friday too - whoooot! (a couple extra "oo's" in there for good measure) I hope you have a great weekend dear friend and take time to relax - god knows you need it. BIG Friday hugs♥

Any Occasion Boutique said...

You are just too damn creative woman!!! I love the "polyvore's" ;-) The music is fabulous!! Volare!!!! To fly ;-)

It seems the new year has brought many sides to a lot of our plates to the point we are almost spilling over!! Hopefuly things will come to a calm by this weekend and Monday will bring many bloggers ;-)

Have a great evening my sweet friend.
Love ya,

Angie Kelly Designs said...

huge big thanks to both of you. A team? Sharon...I don't know...heh heh...what will we call it? what do we have to do? we could start a "blogland" ♥

Lo Lo, I do hope to be back in full swing by Monday, but I make no promises! lol

Hugs and love to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Gee, so many questions... *snicker* Oh, I know, let's call it the Polyvore team, hah! hmmmm, I wonder what Polyvore means... *runs to dictionary* I'm not much for coming up with names but the rest of it, setting up a missions statement, promoting, making Treasuries, that I can do.... think about it. ;-) (Hey, what do you think about "Inspiration Team" (see, I told you, names + me = sucks!) hah!