Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A "Thanksgiving" Insight

I thought this was very appropriate Insight given that Thanksgiving is tomorrow:

Insight of the Day

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."

Earl Nightingale
1921-1989, Radio Announcer, Author and Speaker

I wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with happiness, joy and gratitude.
Blessings on each of you! ♥

Love & Peace

Angie ♥

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newest Member of the Family ♥

♥ Maia Grace ♥ by AK Designs

Maia & Mommy

Maia and Nathan

Her name is Maia Grace. She was born yesterday at 5:39 p.m.; weighed in at 6lbs 3oz. She's tiny! These are the only pics I have so far, but I can tell she's just beautiful! Poor Maggie was in labor FOREVER yesterday! But, when Maia was ready - POP! - out she came! Maia is the first girl grand~baby! We are all SO excited! I'm going up to see everyone next month and I can't wait to see her in person! My brother said she's got the longest eyelashes and dark hair (which of course, you can't see in these pics). I hope to get more pictures very soon!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Love & Peace,

Monday, November 24, 2008

♥ Happy Short Work Week ♥


Good Monday morning everyone :o) I trust everyone had a nice weekend? I was able to catch up on a TON of sleep - YES! I'm still not quite at 100%, but I'm getting there, and I feel so much better today. Thanks for all your well wishes :o) Made me feel better just to read them. Aw!

Three HUGE reasons to be happy today:

1. First and foremost: I'm going to be an Auntie again. Yay!! My beautiful sister-in-law is going to be induced today - we will finally get to meet Maia Grace. She'll be the first girl grandbaby - I'm SO excited!!! Unfortunately, I am not able to be there with them - they're in Kentucky now - but I'll be able to see her next month when I go home for Christmas. Whoot!!!

2. This is a short work week. Heck Yeah!! I love those! Weeeee!! I've got quite a bit to do before Thursday: get a hair cut; get hair colored; buy ingredients for my special dish I take every year to Thanksgiving, prepare said dish; get down all holiday decor from attic, etc. Whew. This coming weekend, I'll be decorating - which I luv to do :o) It should be a fun week! Now if I can just get rid of my croupy cough...ugh.

3. Last, but not least, its Thanksgiving!! I'm aware that not everyone celebrates. But I have very fond memories of Thanksgiving. Surrounded by family and close friends, eating until you're so stuffed you almost can't move, then gathering around the piano and singing - yep - we're a bunch of singers. LOL We usually sing Christmas carols - its sort of the kicking off point for the holidy season - for all of us. Such a lovely time.

Okie dokie - I've rambled on and on now...time to shut it up. See what happens when I'm away from blogland for three days? Sigh.

I hope everyone had a good Monday and a wonderful week!!!

Love & Peace,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

*Cough* Wheeeeeez*Cough*

I'm sick. Ugh. I don't get sick! I'm kind of ticked off about the whole thing. I don't know it happened. I am usually so careful not to go near sick people, use hand sanitizer and open doors with my sleeve over my hand. I hate being sick. I've taken great measures not to be sick. Haven't been sick for about 3 years now.


Sorry. I'm just frustrated, can't breathe, didn't sleep well last night and to top it all off, I went to the doctor because I thought I had strep throat, and according to her...there's not a darn thing wrong with me. WHAT? Ugh. Sigh. So now, I have to suck on some zinc lozenges, and take Advil. I look like Rudolph and I had to come to work today, because I'm not contagious. Don't know how long I'll make it. I'm super tired.

Thats it for me. I'll float around to everyones blogs tomorrow or Saturday and see whats been happening.

♥ Love & Peace!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eight Loooooong Years Ago...♥

We got married!~ Yep, November 18, 2000. Eight long years of wedded..ahem...bliss ♥ I'm not going to post any fluffy details about us; just know that we're happy and we still love each other! Yay! ♥ No big plans, but we'll probably have a celebratory dinner tonight. My choice! Whoot!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Love & Peace,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Its That Time Again...

Happy Monday! - I think heh..

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend. I did. :o)
My shopping list is started and I've already bought one gift - a little progress at least. Boy-o... $ is tight this year. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. Its just - I hate not being able to get just the right thing for the people I care about and love. But, I've realized over the years, its more important to just be with them. Thats good enough. The hubby and I will be taking a *~road trip~* to Kentucky to see my parents, brother and fam, and grandma and cousins. I love a good road trip! Whoot!! I had dreams yesterday of lounging around in my jammies - in front of the fireplace - noshing on yummy homemade treats made by my Mom. I can't wait!! ♥ Yeah ~ I'm a sucker for the holidays :o)

Anyway...I've got much to think about and organize and do. Weee. :o)

Wishing you a great Monday!!

Love & Peace,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Have No Words...


What? Is? Happening? Here?
Well, I don't know the entire story, but I do know that its like a fashion show for adult diapers. Yep. I think they've got a, I mean winner. Yep. LOL

Happy Sunday to all of you :o) So, last night was the trip to the Movie Tavern. It was very cool. I liked it!

You get your tickets, go inside, and stand in line. No...that wasn't the cool part. DOH! You stand in line to place your food order. There's a menu that resembled Applebees or some place like that; lots of options! You place your food order, go ahead and get your drinks, and get a table number thingy. You then find out they'll DELIVER your food to you. very cool :o)

And then, you go find a seat in the theater thats playing your movie (they were showing like 8 different movies). There are long bar-like/tables in front of your chairs. Besides that, it looks like regular theater. Fifteen minutes later, the lights dim - you still don't have your food - the previews - still no food - the movie starts - still no food. ok

About 15 minutes into the movie, they finally bring our food, which by the way, was pretty tasty! You know, I didn't know what to expect. Its movie theater food. yeah But I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla and I was pleasantly surprised. ♥

Oh, and on top of all that, the movie was pretty good. New James Bond movie. I like Daniel Craig as the latest James Bond. I've noticed that this is the most active I've seen a James Bond be. Srsly -- boyfriend loves to blow stuff up and run around like he's the ding dang Energizer bunny. And I don't remember Sean Connery EVER being this physically active in this role. Its a nice change. I'm all about action flicks :o)

One more point and then I'll close: I miss Q and Moneypenny. These latest two Bond movies, both with Daniel Craig, don't have either character. Weird.

Somebody's awfully chatty today :o)
I hope you all have a fab Sunday!

Love & Peace,

Friday, November 14, 2008


OK, this picture *CRACKED* me up!! lol Can you tell who they are? You've got Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White and looks like Sleeping Beauty is giving a "dutch rub" to Alice. HAHAAHAAAA...heheeee...ahhh...~ I love it because its not normal of them! Hilarious!! lol

Happy Friday everyone! What's everybody doing this weekend? Any big plans?
For me~ no plans tonight...Yay! Tomorrow night, to celebrate a friends birthday, we are all going to the Movie Tavern. Anyone ever heard of these? I've never been, but it looks like fun. Apparently you go in, get your food, and go sit down and watch a movie. I'm sure its a little more involved than that, but honestly? sounds like my living room. Heh.. We're going to be seeing the new James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace". Yep, I'm a HUGE fan of James Bond. I've been watching those movies since I was old enough to understand what was going on. Its just a little something I was able to share with my Dad. He's always liked Bond too.

Other than that? I MUST get busy at my work table. I've become so addicted to a certain site...ahem...that I feel like I've been neglecting my jewelry. *Sigh* So, hopefully I'll get some new things started this weekend. Operative word: hopefully lol

I hope you all have a great weekend!! Be kind to one another!!

Love & Peace,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

~Happy Thursday~


Good day everyone! I'm still amazed at the stuff people come up with! {And to cover those shoes? omg.} LOL

Short, sweet and to the point today folks. Its raining. We need it. I'm tired. Crash diet is actually working. WHOOT! Must buy dog food. Going to be another busy day at work. Thats all I've got. ~LOL~

Have a wonderful day friends!!

Peace in the Middle East,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wed - Nes - Day

Gooooood Morning everyone! ♥ Hello from dark and gloomy Atlanta! Rain is in the forecast, which most likely explains my throbbing headache. Why is it that I'm so affected by the weather? The barometric pressure? Fronts come in and roll out and I can feel it every time. Ya know how older folks say, "I can feel it in my bones". Or my hubby for instance - he has bad knees and can always tell when its about to rain. But usually after the system comes in and the rain starts, I'm fine. Huh. Go figure.

As most of you know, I have a major addiction to . Oh my gracious me, is causing me to spend countless hours at the computer creating rooms and sets --- and let me just say: I love it!! Weee! And btw: holiday sets are really huge right now. Here are my latest:

~A cozy living room~

~♥ Happy Holidays ♥~ by AK Designs

A Rustic Bedroom:

A Rustic Christmas by AK Designs

I entered this one in a contest --- we had to create a set based on our favorite Christmas Carol. Mine is "I'll be home for Christmas". {dang song makes me cry every time I hear it} LOL

♫ ♥ I'll Be Home For Christmas ♥ ♫ by AK Designs

I was hoping you could click on it and enlarge it, but it just takes to you to Polyvore and you really can't make it bigger. Trust me tho...the details are the best part. They have this awesome zoooooooooom tool that makes it really fun to get in there and make everything the perfect size.

I don't think "addiction" accurately describes it. LOL I love doing rooms more than anything else. I've got several more I'm dying for y'all to see - -another day perhaps.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my peeps!!

Love & Peace,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apparently, I'm...

BAH! Hi everyone! I'm feeling SO much better today. Thank goodness! Raise your hand if you like to be sick. Yep. Me either. Just puts my whole system and routine outta whack.

Thank you for all your kind words. I've had an amazingly busy day--the reason for the late post. Just poppin in to say HOWDY! Have a wonderful evening. ♥ ~Ang~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Its NOT Fun...

Being sick. Ick. Ugh. Sigh...I'm awfully sneezy today and my heads all stuffy. Yeah...what a way to start the work week.

I'm not "full blown" sick; just seasonal allergies, I think. The weather here has been gorgeous and just right for this time of year, but when the temperatures go from the high of low 60's one week, to the high of mid-70's the next, it takes a toll on me.

But, I'm loading up on vitamin C and taking some "Airborne" and am already feeling much better! Yay!

This week, I need to focus on my holiday shopping list. Its creeping up on us like a wedgie and it'll be here before you know it. And I haven't even started my shopping yet. Eeeek!!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

Love & Peace,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ahhh, The Leaves!

So I've been wanting to take some pictures of the gorgeous leaves here...they are so beautiful this year. Some years aren't quite as colorful, but this year is just so vivid. And folks here actually take a weekend and go to the mountains just to "look" at the leaves on the drive up. Its quite an experience!

A view out my bosses office window

Another shot out my window at work. I look at this everyday! It was difficult to capture the colors thru a window, but trust me; its gorgeous!!

On my drive home.
Yes, I took a few pictures while driving down the interstate at 70 mph. Note to self: not safe LOL

Another shot of my drive home.
Its just glorious! I'm usually listening to my favorite music and thoroughly enjoying the scenery!

This I drive by it everyday and Friday I decided to stop - yeah, in the middle of the road - (no one was coming lol) and take a picture of this baby. Doesn't it look like its on fire? I love it!!

Last but not least, a shot off my deck of the neighbors trees. This was early morning, and the sun is streaming through the trees, creating the most perfect colors. There was a slight breeze, so everything seems to "flicker". It was amazing!!

So, thats it. I just wanted to share these pictures with everyone. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love & Peace,

Friday, November 7, 2008


Uh...I have NO idea what is happening here. LOL Maybe its a Pan festival??? Thats what I thought of when I saw Mr. Twinkle Toes here... LOL ♫ OH! I've got it! He's happy because its...
♥ FRIDAY ♥ Weeeeeeee!

Happy Day!! Thank goodness the weekend is here!! :o) I don't know about the rest of you, but the week flew by for me. I seemed to be busier than normal. I have a free weekend again. Whoot!! I hate to gloat, but I am always so happy when I don't have to do anything or go anywhere. Yay!!!

Wish me luck this weekend on the diet thingy. I don't usually do well on the weekends. But I have a plan! MWhahahaaaa!! I'm stopping by the market and am gonna stock up on healthy goodness. Gotta do what I gotta do, ya know?? :o)

Have a great Friday everyone! I'll see ya tomorrow!

Love & Peace,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

I thought I'd give everyone a quick update. I know you are all just waiting with bated breath to find out how I'm doing with the crash diet. *rolls eyes* LOL

Actually, I'm doing pretty good so far. I know its not even been a week yet. But it really is hard for someone like me, who adores good food. But OH! I found my will power! Yep, sure did. It was hiding, but I dug and dug , grabbed it by its pointy little head, yanked it up and said..."Oh there you are, punk! Where have you been?" Whoot!

Like I said, I'm doing pretty good. Now, you may be able to relate or maybe not....A woman knows her body. Knows every curve, every lump and bump. So, I don't know if its water weight that I've lost or what, but I can already tell in my hips there are lumps missing. Heck yeah, baby! Now I do realize its not been very long, but I've got the pattern down now and just have to continue plugging away at it. I've found some great meals I enjoy. I've completely cut out sugar, bread, sodas, and most salt. I've been drinking water so much, I've moved my office into the ladies room. Yeah, its a little crowded in there and smells funny most of the day, but it sure is convenient. BAH!

My goal is to stick with this routine at least until Thanksgiving, perhaps even into December. Troubles will arise when I run out of meal ideas, but ya know...the internet is so helpful in that area. Hee hee!

I'm not gonna lie...I miss all the yummy goodness I'd been eating. GAWD do I miss it. But, believe it or not, I haven't been hungry. I can't believe it myself, but its true! No sugar, no bread, no sodas...its working. Its hard, but its working! My cravings have been next to nothing. Not to mention, my whole body feels "lighter". As silly as that sounds, I just don't feel weighed down. My steps are lighter. Theres a slight bounce. All around, I just feel better.
Yay for me!! LOL :o)

Have a wonderful day my friends!!! I'm off to have my mid morning snack. ♥
Love & Peace,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now That Its Over...

Does everyone realize that Christmas is only 50 days away?? FIFTY DAYS AWAY!!

OMG. I've got so much to do! Last night I was actually contemplating baking all my gifts this year. Apparently I've lost all sense of reason, but I'm still thinking on it. Maybe I could do just 'some' of my gifts...not all? Whew! As much as I love to bake, I'm thinkin that would be a major project. AHHHHH

Annnnnyhoodle, I usually do all my holiday shopping online. Its fast (generally), and super convenient. Plus, there seems to be more variety online. I am known in my house as the "catalog queen". I get SO many in the mail; catalogs I've never heard of, but they usually have the COOLEST stuff! And...this is my first Christmas with Etsy. My plan is to purchase many presents from them. But this year I may have to brave the malls for a couple of items. Not a huge deal, but a major P-I-T-A!!! LOL

Sooo, how do y'all do your shopping? Just curious...

Money is also really tight this year. I'm sure I'm not the only one who resembles that remark. lol I just have to be smart with my purchases. Thats why I'm excited about buying from Etsy. Unique, handmade items are always a hit!!

And now, I bid you adieu. I hope you all have a glorious day! {miss you Laura ♥} Happy Hump Day to all!!

Love & Peace,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever - the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it."

Vince Lombardi
1913-1970, American Football Coach

I wish everyone a wonderful day ♥

Monday, November 3, 2008

♫ Monday Monday ♫, So Mean To Me ♫

Good Morning!! And in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was wonderful, with the exception of one thing...
the time change. OY! That crap always gets to me. Always. It usually takes me a week to adjust. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

Not too much excitement going on this week. Although, besides me getting back to my work table, I know how bad it is for your body, however....I'm starting my crash diet. AHHHH! With the holidays fast approaching, and all the yummy goodness yet to come, I decided it wouldn't hurt if I lost some weight.

Its always been hard for me to lose weight, unless I'm on some sort of program. But I'm not doing that this time. I'm doing this one myself. I'm using a couple of diets - working them together - and coming up with something that will work for me. I've got to test myself and see if I can do it. Believe it or not, when it comes to diet and exercise...I'm a very lazy person. Soooooooo, I'm gonna buckle down, be very strict and very good and hopefully lose some lbs before Thanksgiving and my hubby's company Christmas party. :/ And I may or may not update on my progress here on mah just depends. Usually, I don't want to be accountable to anyone when I'm dieting; maybe thats been my problem. We'll just have to see what happens. LOL ♥

During this "weight watching", I will most likely be back at my work table! Yay!!!!!!! I'm so excited to come up with some new things! I'm excited to load up my store for the holidays. Plus, being over there curbs my need to hunt for food. BAH!

Alrighty: Have a wonderful day everyone! We'll talk at ya later!
Love & Peace,

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy NOVEMBER too!!
I can't believe its November already. Is it just me or has this year flown by? LOL

I trust everyone had a festive Halloween!?! We had FOUR, yes four trick or treaters. I couldn't believe it! I bought a ton of candy too; I always buy too much. One year we had so many kids we ran out, so I tend to buy too much just in case. But now...I have a huge bowl of candy left over. Whoot!!

Today I will be going to my SIL's new house to help her decorate and arrange furniture. It should be fun! (A little tidbit about me: I use to want to be an Interior Decorator) :o) She's got a gorgeous new house; a HUGE new house. I'm excited! She's got all new stuff as well. Must be nice! LOL But I'm happy for her...this is the first "house" she's ever owned and was able to go all out and get new "everything". A dream come true for her. :o)

So, I'm off to get ready. I hope everyone has a glorious day! Its beautiful here today...a clear crisp Fall day. Enjoy your Saturday everyone, wherever you are and whatever you do!

Love & Peace,