Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wed - Nes - Day

Gooooood Morning everyone! ♥ Hello from dark and gloomy Atlanta! Rain is in the forecast, which most likely explains my throbbing headache. Why is it that I'm so affected by the weather? The barometric pressure? Fronts come in and roll out and I can feel it every time. Ya know how older folks say, "I can feel it in my bones". Or my hubby for instance - he has bad knees and can always tell when its about to rain. But usually after the system comes in and the rain starts, I'm fine. Huh. Go figure.

As most of you know, I have a major addiction to . Oh my gracious me, is causing me to spend countless hours at the computer creating rooms and sets --- and let me just say: I love it!! Weee! And btw: holiday sets are really huge right now. Here are my latest:

~A cozy living room~

~♥ Happy Holidays ♥~ by AK Designs

A Rustic Bedroom:

A Rustic Christmas by AK Designs

I entered this one in a contest --- we had to create a set based on our favorite Christmas Carol. Mine is "I'll be home for Christmas". {dang song makes me cry every time I hear it} LOL

♫ ♥ I'll Be Home For Christmas ♥ ♫ by AK Designs

I was hoping you could click on it and enlarge it, but it just takes to you to Polyvore and you really can't make it bigger. Trust me tho...the details are the best part. They have this awesome zoooooooooom tool that makes it really fun to get in there and make everything the perfect size.

I don't think "addiction" accurately describes it. LOL I love doing rooms more than anything else. I've got several more I'm dying for y'all to see - -another day perhaps.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my peeps!!

Love & Peace,


Anonymous said...

Gee this is like catalog browsing on the internet except better!! Oh I love that song too, oh, oh, and the "My Grown Up Christmas List", yep, I blubber through them both!
Love the sets you've created, now if we could just figure out how to get all the furniture INTO your home! :D

Have a beautiful day my friend!♥

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Sharon!! ♥ OH, I completely agree about the song you mentioned. Omg. Blubber blubber is righ! *sniff* For that matter, there are so many that make me all misty-eyed. My recent favorite {I discovered it a couple of yrs ago) is called "The Christmas Tree Angel" by the Andrew Sisters. {lyrics - Love me some Andrew Sisters!!

Yep - Sweet Angie. LOL!! It makes me smile every time LOL

Have a great day my beautiful friend. ♥ hugs!!

Bluewater Studio said...

Ang, you are too funny! lol I was thinking you were "really" sick, I missed you yesterday on blog world. Did not catch your late post. I remember reading about Polyvore on Etsy awhile ago, it caused quite the stir, I don't recall the details, but evidently some artists were upset that their graphics were being used by that site. The forums were filled for days about it. I am not sure how it got resolved, but I think they had to remove all Etsy "pictures"... something about copyrights. Do you remember reading about that?
I love your cozy rooms!! :):) till later, xoxo, Sab.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hi Sab!! Yeah, I heard about Etsy/Polyvore from Amy Esther of "In The Night Kitchen" blog. She told me then that we couldn't use Etsy pics, which was fine! I mean, there's a whole other world to grab pics from. I can understand tho, about the artists being upset. But I can assure you that there is no way to grab pics from Etsy anymore. Yay!! Gawd, I love that stupid site. LOL!! Its been the bane of my existence and I just LOVE it! LOL
Thanks for likin mah rooms! :oP

Anonymous said...

Ok, that song is just too sweet! Angie the Angel - I LOVE IT!!! I wonder if I've ever heard it before. After reading the lyrics I tried searching for it but couldn't find it. Man, gotta love the Andrew Sisters! ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hahaaaa!!! Isn't it cute? I hadn't heard until I bought their Christmas CD - which is amazing, by the way!
I sent you an email! ♥

Any Occasion Boutique said...

I'm sorry you have a throbbing headache. They just STINK!! Oh but the rain is wonderful and before you know it, the headache is gone and your listening to the raindrops. Aaahhhhhh.

I just ABSOLUTELY adore the pics! I love Christmas and TREES! The cozy living room is my favorite. Ahhh...take me away :-D

Well, since this is Thursday, I'm sure your headache is gone (I sure hope so). Have a beautiful day sweetie.

Bluewater Studio said...

... I saw it as an advertising opportunity... :):) but, that's just me! I think some were upset about how their images were altered and/or portrayed. aye! xoxo Sab