Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newest Member of the Family ♥

♥ Maia Grace ♥ by AK Designs

Maia & Mommy

Maia and Nathan

Her name is Maia Grace. She was born yesterday at 5:39 p.m.; weighed in at 6lbs 3oz. She's tiny! These are the only pics I have so far, but I can tell she's just beautiful! Poor Maggie was in labor FOREVER yesterday! But, when Maia was ready - POP! - out she came! Maia is the first girl grand~baby! We are all SO excited! I'm going up to see everyone next month and I can't wait to see her in person! My brother said she's got the longest eyelashes and dark hair (which of course, you can't see in these pics). I hope to get more pictures very soon!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Love & Peace,


Any Occasion Boutique said...

OH Congratulations Angie...to you and the proud parents! OH she is beautiful. And look at that helper! OMG!!!!! It is pictures like these that I wish my guys were little again :-) I'm so happy for you. I bet your family is just tickled pink. HA...no pun intended!!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

LOL! Thanks Laura! ♥

Bluewater Studio said...

OMG Auntie Angie... you must be dying to get there to visit!!!!! BEAUTIFUL. I miss those moments...
So precious!!!! AND think you can start creating PINK earrings, necklaces and bracelets RIGHT NOW... so she can bling out!! lolol Hugs Angie, and CONGRATS, big time... I hope you can feel that... (the hug)xoxo Sab

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Thank you Sab! I feel the hug! lol
And yes, I am dying to get up there. It just makes me sick that they had to leave here before she was born. But now, a visit to look forward to! Pink Everything now baby!! Whoot! ♥ xoxo

Trina said...

Hey Angie! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I always appreciate hearing nice things, even if it's from someone I don't know! I love all those songs, I'm an R&B girl ... grew up with it! Feel free to stop by any time! I don't update as much as I would like, but I try to keep it fresh when I can. Thanks again! And congrats on the new member of the family!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hi Trina! So glad you stopped by. Thanks so much for the "congrats"! I'll be stopping back by your blog, if only to listen to that music LOL
Huge R&B fan myself :o) Have a great Thanksgiving ♥