Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Have No Words...


What? Is? Happening? Here?
Well, I don't know the entire story, but I do know that its like a fashion show for adult diapers. Yep. I think they've got a, I mean winner. Yep. LOL

Happy Sunday to all of you :o) So, last night was the trip to the Movie Tavern. It was very cool. I liked it!

You get your tickets, go inside, and stand in line. No...that wasn't the cool part. DOH! You stand in line to place your food order. There's a menu that resembled Applebees or some place like that; lots of options! You place your food order, go ahead and get your drinks, and get a table number thingy. You then find out they'll DELIVER your food to you. very cool :o)

And then, you go find a seat in the theater thats playing your movie (they were showing like 8 different movies). There are long bar-like/tables in front of your chairs. Besides that, it looks like regular theater. Fifteen minutes later, the lights dim - you still don't have your food - the previews - still no food - the movie starts - still no food. ok

About 15 minutes into the movie, they finally bring our food, which by the way, was pretty tasty! You know, I didn't know what to expect. Its movie theater food. yeah But I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla and I was pleasantly surprised. ♥

Oh, and on top of all that, the movie was pretty good. New James Bond movie. I like Daniel Craig as the latest James Bond. I've noticed that this is the most active I've seen a James Bond be. Srsly -- boyfriend loves to blow stuff up and run around like he's the ding dang Energizer bunny. And I don't remember Sean Connery EVER being this physically active in this role. Its a nice change. I'm all about action flicks :o)

One more point and then I'll close: I miss Q and Moneypenny. These latest two Bond movies, both with Daniel Craig, don't have either character. Weird.

Somebody's awfully chatty today :o)
I hope you all have a fab Sunday!

Love & Peace,


Sandra Evertson said...

Your jewelry is fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sandra, Thank You :o)
And thanks for stopping by; I love your blog!!