Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy NOVEMBER too!!
I can't believe its November already. Is it just me or has this year flown by? LOL

I trust everyone had a festive Halloween!?! We had FOUR, yes four trick or treaters. I couldn't believe it! I bought a ton of candy too; I always buy too much. One year we had so many kids we ran out, so I tend to buy too much just in case. But now...I have a huge bowl of candy left over. Whoot!!

Today I will be going to my SIL's new house to help her decorate and arrange furniture. It should be fun! (A little tidbit about me: I use to want to be an Interior Decorator) :o) She's got a gorgeous new house; a HUGE new house. I'm excited! She's got all new stuff as well. Must be nice! LOL But I'm happy for her...this is the first "house" she's ever owned and was able to go all out and get new "everything". A dream come true for her. :o)

So, I'm off to get ready. I hope everyone has a glorious day! Its beautiful here today...a clear crisp Fall day. Enjoy your Saturday everyone, wherever you are and whatever you do!

Love & Peace,


Any Occasion Boutique said...

Happy November to you, too! We had more than four trick-or-treaters but a lot less than we used to. I'm wondering if part of it was due to Halloween being on a weekend....lots of Halloween parties.

Pictures, picutres, picuters. I must see pictures. I LOVE interior decorating. WOOWOO!!! Have fun :-D

D said...

Have fun decorating. Wait until you see pics of Josh, his outfit for Halloween was great. Sorry you only had 4 Halloweeners, but all the more candy for you. Have a great weekend.

manamoon said...

OMG!!! Woman where do you find these pics?? I know, I know... you just have a nack for it though! :D

Wow, you had 4 more trick or treaters than we did, LOL! Of course we didn't even buy can this year, ugh! I don't know where the year has goen, oh wait, yes I do, it's been spent in front of a computer, hahahaha!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy! hugs!♥

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks guys! I had a ball! Unfortunately, we are far from finished. She's got SO much to do and still unpack. She's even got more furniture being delivered this next week. I'll be going back over in a couple of weeks. Whoot!
I will absolutely take pictures when we're done. The finished room(s) will be amazing, simply because she has amazing pieces to work with! All her choices blend so well together and its just so much fun helping put together a house! LOL

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Happy November to you too Angie! Here's woots that it will be profitable for everyone on etsy!!
PS I got ALL my Halloween chocolate left...gonna TRY to make it last longgggggggg time!