Monday, November 3, 2008

♫ Monday Monday ♫, So Mean To Me ♫

Good Morning!! And in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was wonderful, with the exception of one thing...
the time change. OY! That crap always gets to me. Always. It usually takes me a week to adjust. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

Not too much excitement going on this week. Although, besides me getting back to my work table, I know how bad it is for your body, however....I'm starting my crash diet. AHHHH! With the holidays fast approaching, and all the yummy goodness yet to come, I decided it wouldn't hurt if I lost some weight.

Its always been hard for me to lose weight, unless I'm on some sort of program. But I'm not doing that this time. I'm doing this one myself. I'm using a couple of diets - working them together - and coming up with something that will work for me. I've got to test myself and see if I can do it. Believe it or not, when it comes to diet and exercise...I'm a very lazy person. Soooooooo, I'm gonna buckle down, be very strict and very good and hopefully lose some lbs before Thanksgiving and my hubby's company Christmas party. :/ And I may or may not update on my progress here on mah just depends. Usually, I don't want to be accountable to anyone when I'm dieting; maybe thats been my problem. We'll just have to see what happens. LOL ♥

During this "weight watching", I will most likely be back at my work table! Yay!!!!!!! I'm so excited to come up with some new things! I'm excited to load up my store for the holidays. Plus, being over there curbs my need to hunt for food. BAH!

Alrighty: Have a wonderful day everyone! We'll talk at ya later!
Love & Peace,


Bluewater Studio, LLC said...

HI Ang!! ugh, Monday's, and to top it off, I was up way too early... It always takes me awhile to adjust as well!! lol Good luck with your weight loss goals, whatever they may be... I am sure you don't need more advice - but I always thought Weight Watchers was the most practical approach. Weight is a math problem, LOL, you MUST burn off the calories you eat to maintain... LOL A number that hurts is 3500 calories = 1 pound. UGH. ha ha I have point values for Taco Bell? Weight Watchers bases the system on points, which is VERY EASY to follow, they assign a point value to a food item based on calories, fat grams, and fiber. Many foods are ZERO points, like vegetables (LOL of course!) I think a taco was like 4 points... a person is allocated so many points based on their current weight, age and sex. They allow you to eat anything you want, but obviously if you eat all your points in that chocolate cake then you are done for that day... and starving! LOL I had a huge list of ZERO point foods that I followed for many years. As I aged, it became easier to gain weight, nothing else changed, just age = weight gain. At 5'2" I can't weigh too much, even 5 pounds over shows up looking like 50. UGH. I actually have to get back to tracking, I fear that I have let things go, my pants ARE TIGHT. lmao They do incorporate exercise as well, but that is further down the road. XOX Sab PS: They do have a website, which is awesome, I used to subscribe years ago, you can put in your recipes and get points, tons of tricks, tips, hints, and boards for help and support as well, the monthly fee was reasonable back then, not sure what it is now. But, it is not a "diet" it is a lifestyle, but I know you KNOW that... xoxo

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sab! Thank you ☺
Its funny that you mentioned WW. I've actually looked at their site, which is awesome, btw, and am very interested in the point system. It seems so easy! I wish there was someone or some program to tell me what to eat. I don't cook a lot, although I can...I just think life would be much easier if I knew what I was going to eat and how much. My problem is: when its time to eat, I don't want to think about it. I wanna eat and get on with my day. Just tell me when and how much to eat and I'll be fine! LOL

I'm going to their site later to check it out more. I also want to know more about the zero point foods list! lol Thanks again darlin! I heart you!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, a diet, and with all that Halloween candy still left... hmmmm, ok just ship it to PO Box... LOL!

Good luck on the diet sweet friend, never easy to do but if you really want to I'm sure you'll succeed!

Hope you have a fabulous day and can't wait to see all your newest creations!

Hey, whatever happened to that surprise, secret project?? Did I miss the final ♫"ta-da"♫ on that?

Anonymous said...

Love the Truman Show, what a great movie.

Good luck on the diet, I understand, I've always had trouble losing weight, although Sharon has made it a little easier. I think being accountable does help.

Hope you have a great, creative week.

Curtis & Maggie said...

Curt made the observation this morning that I was getting "rotund"- wah! I know I'm preggers, but I hate having to lose the weight afterwards... it takes me FOREVER! oh well- and I won't even start to think about losing weight until January- might as well enjoy all the goodies over the holidays!! =) Happy Dieting to ya!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sharon: Hehheee - I'll be more than happy to mail that extra candy out to ya! It won't get eaten at my house. Hmm...maybe I should bring it to work...We have a "First Aid" drawer that has nothing but chocolate in it! LOL
The "Triple Threat Project" has taken a back seat lately. I wanted to have it done by the holidays, but some snags have come up in the creative process, so I just took a step back for a while. You have not missed the "ta-da" yet. LOL

D: It is a great movie! I should've referenced it, but forgot. I'm glad someone knew what I was referring to! LOL Thanks for the encouragement. I'm gonna need it. What I have to try to remember is ONE DAY AT A TIME. If I start thinking about how long I have to keep doing this, I get really discouraged. Blech!

Mags: I'm going to break out my wet noodle and give him a good *whack* with it. Rotund. I can't believe his choice of words LOL!! I will...oh nevermind. He's such a "guy" LOL

Rocki said...

Ditto on The Truman Show!

Well, good luck with the weight loss and hope your Monday is treating you well and the week even better!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

You can do it, Angie!!! I lost 105 on my own. Uuhh, I also gained some back on my own :-o but that is due to my own fault...however, I am back in the swing of things and have already lost 6 pounds. SO I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

This is one of the most difficult times to start a diet...the holidays are sooooo unforgiving. My word of advice, eat what you want on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I tried to be diligent and it didn't began to frustrate I ate what I wanted and wouldn’t you know I hardly gained anything and lost it within the week. Pfff. Ok, with extra time exercising BUT I enjoyed my holiday meals. So what did I say? YOU CAN DO IT! Don't let the holidays detour you. I'll be your cheer leader: "An apple here! Some carrots there! Angie's eating healthy EVERYWHERE!! Gooooooooooooooooooooo ANGIE!" OK, so I was never a good cheer leader. Um, actually, I was NEVER a cheer leader. LOL!!!! But I support you so if I have to stand up and cheer I WILL!!!!

Good luck my friend :-D
Big hugs,

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thank you Rocki!! :o)

Laura: Thank you dear friend. Yay! My very own cheerleader?? Wow. AWESOME! I'm sure by week 2 or 3, I'll be needing you and will call on you to do me a special cheer! Because this will most likely get old reeeeeeally fast! :o) And I am SO gonna eat what I want for the holidays. I'm going "home" so my mother will be cookin up a storm. Weeeeee! ♥ you!