Friday, October 31, 2008

~::~My Visit To Oz~::~

Oh my day was just wonderful! :o) It was long, but I didn't mind. I don't get down to the theatre very often. Usually when I've gone, its at night, we have to drive, find a place to park, and then walk a couple blocks to get there. Well, I've discovered theres a much better way to travel to the theatre!! :o)

I was unaware of certain things that were to transpire --- let me 'splain: A friend invited me and I agreed to go. She didn't elaborate and I didn't inquire. I just figured it'd be like usual (like above). I had no clue... I went with her, her mom and her sister aaaaaand....about 30 other women. I definitely didn't know about the 30 other women. LOL We all loaded up on a huge, GINORMOUS church bus. Yup. The 30 plus women were a church group. And OMG, you guys....I was by FAR the youngest person on the bus. HAHAAA I'm serious! Most of the women were retired or almost...and they were all decked out; After all, we were going to the theatre LOL!!!

So imagine it... a oversized church bus holding 35-40 ladies and gents (oh yeah, there were a few hubbys on the bus as well) driving in downtown Atlanta on small laned, winding roads. Our bus driver was a complete magician with that huge thing! I was grinning the entire way! Everyone sharing pictures and talking about their grandkids, catching up with friends and gossiping. It was so sweet and funny to watch :o)

Another thing I was unaware of was the lunch stop. Oh yeah, that was SO fun! We stopped that big 'ol bus at a tea room called Mary Mac's. What a quaint little place! We already had a room reserved, oh la la, and munched on the best food - southern cookin! We all chatted and ate, ate and chatted. I'm glad we stopped for lunch - I hadn't eaten and was thinking I'd just get a snack at the concession stand. Southern cookin = much better!!

A couple of blocks away, we pull up the The Fox Theatre. What a magical place! (If you get a chance, you should go look at the pictures of this theatre. People get married there!) As we pull up, the bus driver is blocking two lanes of traffic while all the blue hairs emerge...There were people everywhere. I couldn't believe it! On a Thursday afternoon! But they say...every showing of this musical is jam packed full! Anyway, we all get inside safely and get to our seats, which were actually pretty good. Sweet! We actually got there about 30 minutes early. And then....SHOWTIME


What a blast! Here's a summary for those who don't know this wonderful story:

"Long before Dorothy flew in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. Elphaba, born with green skin, is smart, strong-willed and misunderstood. Meanwhile, her college roommate Glinda is beautiful, ambitious and loved by all. However, this Oz is not so pleasant. The Wizard's secret police are everywhere harassing Oz's citizens - especially the animals (which have been threatened with exile). Elphaba, green and misunderstood, is determined to protect the Animals -- even it means fighting against the imposing Wizard, and risking her one chance at romance. In the end, out of guilt and sorrow, she turns into the now infamous "wicked" witch"

Let me just say, its a whole new perspective on the "wicked" witch. I found myself rooting for her; feeling her pain, empathizing with her plight. It was fabulously performed by an amazing cast, lead by two understudies that were just unbelievable!! And they were understudies!! Crazy talented! I highly recommend this play. If you ever get a chance to see it, DO!So, thats about it - a glorious day! I'm so glad I was able to go. Thank you Jan for inviting me! I had the BEST time :o) ♥

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


Rocki said...

Oh wow - I just HAVE to see this show! I'll have to see if it will be here sometime.

I was picturing your trip and it sounds like it was a total blast!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! What an incredible day you had! It sounded like such a fabulous time! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!

That's really cool to hear the story behind the show and it makes it that much more enticing to go - gee I've known a few green witches in my life, heck I've even been one! ;-)

Have a beautiful weekend my friend!♥

Curtis & Maggie said...

Ahhh... Sounds like soo much fun!! Man, I could use a day like that! =)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thank you everyone! Its definitely a must-see! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :o) ♥