Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exhausted, But Still Kickin!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Whew. What a weekend! As many of you know we had the husband's company Christmas party Saturday night. I think its safe to say I'm still recovering. LOL I'm not a big 'drinker', so I didn't have the unhappiness that is a hangover. Yay! Also let it be known that we both danced as if there were no tomorrow and of course, the hubby is fine, while my feet and back still hurt. Hmph! Figures. I ended up going to bed around midnight, while the hubby didn't stroll in until about 3:30. ~Crazy~!!! After we left Sunday morning, we were both ravenous and decided to get some -bad for you- Taco Bell. I'm tellin ya...the best dang Taco Bell I've ever had! LOL

Also, this year we decided to "dress down". In years past, we go all out - its the downtown Hilton- and a Christmas party for cripes sake! hee hee!! We (meaning I), spend an unmentionable amount of money on new outfits and all the accessories, etc. This year with money being scarce, we decided to go casual (which was convenient because we "shopped" in our closet, hee!) and boy did it pay off! The hubby said he was the most comfortable he'd ever been at one of these shindigs. I was pretty comfy too, except for my 3.75 inch heeled boots. Hmmm....yeah - no wonder my feet hurt. Duh!! All in all, it was a wonderful night! We both needed to unwind a bit and let loose. Good times!

Lets see...OH! I had a sale Friday! Whoot!! Yay for sales!! I will not divulge the person's name, but she knows who she is ♥ I will tell you however, what a complete honor it was for her to purchase something from me. You see...she makes jewelry. WHAT??!!?? What is that you say?? Oh yes. She makes beautiful jewelry. To have another jewelry designer buy something of mine - for herself - to wear - gives me such a thrill. A certain amount of validation. Ya know? My head was spinning when I got the email and saw who it was from. I just want you to know how much it means to me. And I can't WAIT for you to get them!! Weeeeeeeeee!!

And...had another sale yesterday! OTT(optional toe touch)!! (for Lulu♥) LOL!! I was so excited!! I actually had to order more shipping supplies last night. So cool! Ya see? Its the little things in life that make me smile! Those are the best!! LOL

Good gravy. This post is long! See what happens when I'm away for a few days? I have too much to talk about and then there's a small novel on my blog. Eeeek!

I shall be placing an order with Laura Lee's Tasty Treats very very soon. If you haven't checked it out, please visit her shop. I 'd love to place an order for just me..mwhwhaaaa, but the goodies are for a party on the 20th. Such is life...but I should probably sample everything and make sure its okay for consumption. BHAHAAAAA!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!
Love and Peace to All!!!!!


Bluewater Studio said...

Hi Ang, ... could you provide Kindle format for your blog posts???? lol LOL I checked out Laura Lee's and bookmarked it, OMG, totally yummy looking, have you ordered from her/know her? Happy TOOOOsday. xoxo your bud, sab
PS: CONGRATS on the sales, your jewelry is gorgeous and I am proud to wear my AK designs they are some of my faves as you know!!!! xoxo

Rocki said...

That picture looks like me!! LOL!

Glad you had a fun time at the party and congrats on the sales!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

AAANNNGGGIIIEEE!!!! I'm baaack ;-)

So, how are the feeties feelin' today? Did you do what I say and do NOT party like a rock star...rather BE the rock star? Hhhmmmm...if you hit Taco Bell on the way back then I think you WERE the rock star ;-) It sounds like you had a lot of fun. And how cool for dressing down and being comfortable. There's nothing like being in a gown ALL night :-(~

YAY for two sales!!!!! That is so awesome that one of the sales came from a jewelry artist. Girl, you're just that hot ;-) We went to dinner the other night and I wore a fancy dancy necklace from a certain jewelry artist. Gee, I wonder who, Angie??? heeheehee. I get so many compliments when I wear it!

Huh...looks like I am trying to make a comment as long as your post. AAAHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You know I love ya!

Thanks so much for the shout out again. You're such a good friend!! I got some of my holiday tins so I will email you pics ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Sab!!! Oh yes ma'am. I know her, I can vouch for her. MWHAHAAAAAA!! And she and her sneaky self sent me some samples to try. I had no idea they were coming and this box arrived and I saw who it was from and squealed with delight. Then I tasted everything. Omg. Srsly, my mouth is watering right now, just typing this. Trust me...they're wonderful! And of course, they were a huge hit at my house. My hubby said, "who put this sin on the counter?" LOL!! xoxoxox A

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Thanks Rocki! {{Hugs}} ♥

Oh Laura. Why is that I'm always either drinking or eating something when I'm reading what you write?? Then it *almost* ends up on my computer screen, as I choke back the laughter?? You'd think I'd learn. AHAHAAAAAAAA!!

Feetsies are better today, cause I got on mah comfy shoes. Whoot! And the husband was the rock star. I'm not one for the limelight. LOLOLOL!!! I heart you ♥

Josh said...

I Know! Laura makes some darn good tasty treats! I was a guinea pig! And I wonder what mysterious person bought something from you? Hmmmmm?! Oh Well. Good to hear that your footsies are better. And Taco Bell IS Yummy!


Note: It's still a mystery!!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hee hee Joshie!! ♥ Gee, I wonder...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what an absolutely delightful posting!! You could post an entire Encyclopedia and I'd be delighted!!

I'm so glad you're tootsies are feeling better (at least based on the comments I'm assuming they are) and I'm THRILLED that you had another sale!! See... just needed a little ice breaker that's all. ;-)

Yeah those treats are just too scrumptious I even had one of her delish cookies for breakfast. HEY, they have flour and eggs and milk... :D

Angie Kelly Designs said...

:o) Thank you Sharon *bows* Ahem...I'm a big believer in dessert first. Heh heh. And, if thats not enough, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, right? HAHAHA!!!

Josh said...

I was gone for like a day and this is what I missed! Dessert for breakfast! Honestly you should be ashamed of yourself... you didn't invite me! I almost forgot, there's something "cool" and surprising at my blog right now!