Saturday, December 6, 2008


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Shameless PLUG!

My spectacularly *brilliant* friend Laura, is opening up a NEW shop on Etsy - Grand Opening Tomorrow (Sunday - December 7th) !! (bless her heart! I couldn't do it! LOL )
Let me be one of many to say from experience...this gal can bake! Uh huh!! She kindly sent me some samples this week. Oh my stars people.... The 'ol crash diet went ~wooooooooosh~ right out the window. Of course the delectable goodies are already gone and I sit here now, wishing I had just one more cookie... Ha!

I am extremely grateful for her new undertaking, as I was actually thinking of doing some holiday baking - to give some yummy edibles to family and friends at a party I'm attending on the 20th. Mwhahaa! Thanks to Laura's brilliance...I don't have to! Whoot! {{Side note: my oven sucks and I was dreading doing the baking! }}

She has an amazingly wonderful variety of yummy goodness! I can't believe all she's going to be offering. If only...she didn't live so far away. It'd certainly be helpful if she lived next door. Of course, if that was the case, I'd probably weigh as much as .... well, lets not go there. Hee hee!! PLEASE, for the love of Pete, just check her out. ♥

On another note...the hubby's company party is tonight. Going to party like a rock star! Whoot!

Love & Peace Y'all!!


manamoon said...

What a fabulous posting and aren't her treats just the BEST!!?!! I haven't even looked at the scale lately but I'm sure I've gained a few pounds, haha!

Hope you have a wonderful time at the party tonight and enjoy the weekend dear friend♥

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Oh gosh, Angie! You are too sweet :-) Thank you so much for the plug. You are truly wonderful :-D HHHmmm. Maybe I will have to create a new SWEET dessert and call it............ANGIE! Thanks again, sweetie for mentioning my new shop. I look forward to tomorrow :-D

Have a great time at your hubby’s party tonight and don't party like the rock star.....BE THE ROCK STAR! WHOOT! WHOOT!