Tuesday, December 2, 2008


<--- LOL!!!

Poor kitty. Come on y'all, its funny!!! :o)

So...heres the scoop. I've become lax in my postings and have neglected my blog. Not on purpose; but there for a while, I was sick - then there was a long holiday weekend - (which in all honesty: I didn't want to be on the computer) and the whole "posting everyday" got to be a little much. Those are my excuses. Take 'em or leave 'em. :oP

I did enjoyed posting everyday, there for a while. It helped me in one way or another. But with the busy, busy holiday season upon us, I've got tons of things to do, many projects I'm working on, my favorite Christmas movies to watch, lol!!...so many things! Some days when I draaaaaaag myself into work, I can barely keep my eyes open to work, let alone type up a post. Just keep checkin back! I'm not cutting it out completely mind you...it just probably won't be everyday - at least until after the holidays. I'm hoping everyone will understand.

That being said - have a great rest of your day!
Love & Peace Y'all!! ♥



Anonymous said...

Oh I'll continue to check every day even if it's just to gaze at your beautiful creations. ;-)

Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I've left an award for you dear friend♥

Bluewater Studio said...

LOL, Ang, you are too sweet and funny and OMG too busy??? te he
I am getting up off the computer officially after the 17th (finals week) - and then that's it... until whenever, I am not even going to commit to a return date!!! L M A O. I may just chase down that cutie pie I saw in Jamaica... lmao, hugs, and see you soon! xoxo Sab (always!)

AngelaMichelle said...

That picture is great! I remember playing with reluctant cats when I was a kid - hope I wasn't quite that aggressive :)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Awww, Sharon! Thank you :o) I'm headed there now. You're too sweet! ♥

Sab! OMG. Whenever? No commit date? Holy Sh-nikes! LOL Hopefully, you'll update your blog??? So I can see you're still kickin??? LOL
Good luck with finals! xoxoxoxoxox A

Angela Michelle! Thanks for stopping by! I LUV your blog! Your dolls are the cutest things :o) I wasn't allowed to have cats when I was younger. My dad was allergic. But I was a little "playful" with our dogs. We had a huge dog named Snoopy and I used to ride on his back! So bad for him, but I was clueless! LOL!!!