Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Pretty dang tired this morning; about to have a cup of my favorite tea and then put my face on. :) I trust everyone had a nice weekend??!! What'd ya do? Do tell! :)

After my emotional roller coaster ride Saturday afternoon, I came home, changed into my comfy PJ's and immediately went to my work table. I'm telling you...that was the best medicine for my sadness. I turned on my music; and just "played" with all my beads. Made me feel so much better! I was able to crank out three necklaces, watched some cute movies, had some great food and had an enjoyable rest of the weekend. Yay!!

Now....I don't know how many of you actually "enjoy" cleaning. Most of the time I dread it. But sometimes, I get a charge out of it. Its a great "thinking" time for me. I get in the kitchen and scrub like a crazy person, but when I'm finished, my head is clear and my kitchen is spotless. Then I'm tired. HA! Comes with the territory I guess.

Wait a tick...Thats It!! Now I know why my mother was so peaceful all the time! That women cleans like her life depends on it. Hell, maybe its her sanity that depends on it. I mean, my dad can be a real bear, but I really can't be sure. All I know is that along with my beads, cleaning is the next best therapy for me. I'm sure the husband would argue that little point - and he can stick it where the sun .....whoa...easy Nelly - I'm just all made ME feel better and I'm sure thats what matters to him. Right honey? *he's nodding-its hard for him to talk through the duct tape* Poor thing.
What? I can't help it if I'm "domestically disabled". I'm trying...

So, here's wishing everyone a wonderful week. I'm planning on it being a good week. I'm sick of all the stress. I'm tired of the toll its taking on my body and I refuse to be its prisoner any longer. BA!
Love & Peace Y'all!! :)


Rocki said...

LOL! I'm sorry Ang, I'm still LMAO about he duct tape comment!!!

I used to LOVE cleaning and totally agree that it's great therapy. Now it's like a big chore to me since I have so many other things going on. But, once I put in Cher or a Bob Seger CD I'm get in the mood - to CLEAN that is. I love to clean and dance :)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Ahhh, Seger, Frampton, yesh...I'm the same way! LOL
Thanks Rocki, you too!

manamoon said...

Sounds like you spent the rest of your weekend doing the perfect things! Nothing better than playing with beads to take the tension away. I only clean when I'm stressed... hey, I should be cleaning all the time! Guess that's not the case then, as I do hate it. Hope you have a great week!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

LOL!!! Duct Tape? That is awesome!! I sent you an email to go along with your cleaning ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Sharon...You're too sweet for words! :) Also, thank you for the sweet words you left about my angels. You're right of course. They will be grown before I know it. Ahhh. Hugs!