Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LOL!! Thats one brave little penguin! And you KNOW they can't run very fast...can't you just picture it? He's trying to get away...waddling as fast as his little bitty legs will go. The bear is simply walking behind him, thinking..."you little shit--your days are numbered" lmao

Happy Wednesday to you. :o)

I woke up for the second day in a row with a migraine! WTF? They just completely throw my day into one of pain and misery...that is until I take some Advil Liqui-gels...WOW. Those things are the best! Yet there remains an ever so slight "twinge" of pain; lingering there, aggravating me. Gettin on mah nerves. But I shall soldier on! :P

Soooooo, last night I was over at my work table, doing a little organizing, cleaning up after my weekend projects, straightening, etc... and a design just *POPPED* into my head. Has that ever happened to you? I just stopped------------- right in the middle of what I was doing, looked around for my copper boxes, grabbed them, sat down and just started. It was pretty wild! I mean, its happened before, but not exactly like that. I'm inspired by all sorts of things, really. But its rare that a *crystal clear* idea just POPS into my head like that. It was so "visible" if that makes any sense. I knew in my head what it would look like, exactly. It was ~crazy~!!! So, I got half way through when 9:00 rolled around and I had to watch a new favorite show {Fringe} and so its just waiting for me to get home today. Weeeeeeeeeeee!! LOL :o)

My inspiration was a large-ish focal bead, teardrop in shape, but the design that popped into my head had it turned sideways. I thought, "Oh! how different! But the colors....ahh, the colors; so many fall colors--which we all know I'm rather fond of. I shall keep you in suspense, but believe me...the colors are juuuuuust right. BA! I'm really excited about it. My only hope is that it turns out the way it looked in my head! LOL

OK, wow. I must go now. Apparently there is a hole in my lip of which I was unaware; took a drink of water and now its on my shirt. LOVELY.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! The weekend is almost upon us! Whoot!

Love & Peace,
Ang ♥


Any Occasion Boutique said...

I'm sorry to hear about your migraines! Paul has suffered with them for years until a couple of years ago...we found an excellent neurologist who put him on some meds to control the migraines. After a year of that, he moved to another script to get his daily headaches under control. He has had only 2 migraines in the past two years.

I can't wait to see your new design. Sounds very beautiful and, if a tear-drop bead is your focal REALLY have my attention!

I'll let you get back to patching your lip up ;-) HAH!!!


manamoon said...

Oh I love it when that happens! Doesn't happen that often but when it does it's like POW! Can't wait to see what you've made! ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks guys! I can always count on sweet words from both of you! You've made my day!
Hugs to both of you!!!! ♥