Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~*Cozy Horse*~

I've never done a Featured Seller before. But too many of my colleagues and friends have big dogs and some have horses, and so I thought...why not!!?? :o)

Cozy Horse
High Quality Custom Blankets
{ Not just horse blankets, but dog coats too} :o)

I came across this store and immediately fell in love. Please allow me to introduce Desi and Zip - the beautiful and handsome models :o)
Desi ♥ and Zip ♥

Claudia - the proprietress of Cozy Horse - obviously takes great pride in her work. Here's a blurb from her Shop: "All of our products are hand made and sewn on industrial sewing machines. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, thus producing some of the best made products on the market today! If you are looking for a collar or coat for your dog and don't see exactly what you'd like, please send us an email. We have lots of different colors, options and styles that you can choose from. Custom orders are always welcomed!"

Here's just some of what Cozy Horse has to offer:

Horse Blankets, Dog Collars; Dog Toys; Dog Coats in S, M, L, XL, Dog Raincoats, and Fleece Coats and Snoods (as seen above on Desi and Zip) ♥

As many of you know, my friend works at a "Doggie Day Care". She told me the other day that a couple of Great Danes that come to play don't have proper coats and I immediately thought of Cozy Horse. Later, I also thought of Bridget of "Heart of A Cowgirl" and her beautiful horses! I have to admit...one day I came across Desi's picture after searching for dog stuff on Etsy. Her face completely stole my heart, so I wrote Claudia just to tell her that! I know...I'm so random! LOL But she was so friendly and obviously proud of her poochies. All that modeling is tough work! LOL She also told me that both of the precious pups were adopted...Desi, from the CO Doberman Rescue and Zip from the NM Doberman Rescue. Again...that stole my heart. And now, I stop by almost everyday just to look at their sweet faces. It always makes me happy!

Please stop by Cozy Horse and check out her amazing items!! The cold weather is here and the holidays are coming! Whoo hooo!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!
Love & Peace


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh! I need a blanket for my little yearling, Piper, so off to her shop to check it out!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Yay Bridget! Thank you!!

manamoon said...

Wow Angie, I had no idea that dogs needed coats, let alone that they go to daycare! Here designs are fabulous (love the models) and it's really wonderful to find out about Etsy shops that don't fit within the usual jewelry and fiber categories. Great writeup!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

LOL! Thanks Sharon! Yes, sometimes dogs need coats LOL Actually when it gets really cold here, I cover Mac up at night with his "blankie" - and he sleeps that way all night. He's gettin up there in age and his joints get so stiff if he's too cold. I know...its nuts! But, they're like my kids, so I do what I must! :o)

manamoon said...

Oh, that really sounds Sooo adorable, Mac all snuggled up in his blankie! :D Have you ever posted a photo of Mac? I'd love to see him sometime. I think our extended family members are the best, they bring us such joy and their hearts are filled with love and genuine appreciation. Now if we could just get the humans to follow suit. ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Actually, I have posted pics, but I wanted to do another one. Maybe some new pics?? Hmmmmm...

And...the day humans follow THAT suit will be one to remember!! LOL

manamoon said...

Oh that would be wonderful if you posted some pics, I'd love to see them!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

OMG I am soooo there!!! Finally someone who makes clothing for my plus-size beauty!! Oh thank you so much for sharing this Angie :-D I love the baby-faces...they look like they've posed a time or two ;-)


Bluewater Studio, LLC said...

OMG, Angie, I have had that shop in my faves forever, I love the Dobie's ... my sis is a Dobie lover and used to rescue them, I had sent her a link to that shop awhile ago. xoxo S.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Yay Sab!! I wondered...
I was trying to think of all the peeps I knew who had big doggies. Its a great shop! I'm glad you knew of it!
xoxox Ang