Friday, October 24, 2008

Its Fridizzle - Fer Rizzle

Oh yeah...this is AWEsome! LOL

Happy Friday everyone! Its so rainy and cold here, but I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. :o) I love LOVE means "fireplace time" for me! Heck Yeah Baby!! And it is supposed to be rainy all day today and some tomorrow. Perfect "curl up on the couch" weather.

So, my week as the "boss lady" is coming to an end. Unfortunately, yesterday my SIL/Boss informed me that she just may take off some days next week. Yep, you guessed = boss lady next week too. *Sigh*

It actually hasn't been that bad this week. I hope I didn't bore you all with my whining. Being plucked from my comfort zone of NOT being in charge is, to say the least, a little daunting. However, I made it through and it was all fine. Every little bump this week all turned out just fine. Seems like I was worried for nothing. Now I just have to gear myself up for next week.

Side note: tomorrow's post will be a special one. You know who you are dude. Be prepared. LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, as well as a happy and dry weekend!
Love & Peace Y'all!!


Any Occasion Boutique said...

Ummm....I'm not sure if I should be scared, Dude?? LOL!!!!

I totally LOVE this picture! I bet a woman thought of it ;-)

HHmmm...boss lady again, eh? Now, you did say it wasn't that bad this week...maybe you are beginning to like it? Ouch!!! You don't have to pinch me Angie! LOL!!!!!! I think you would be a fabulous leader. You have such a wonderful outlook on life and obviously enjoy it. Heck, I'd work for ya ;-) to the salt mines I go. Have a beautiful day my friend.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

No reason to be frightened dude...booga booga booga lol

And no, *whap* I don't like it. :P I think if I was 'boss lady' to people who weren't my friends it would be a lot easier. And if you worked for me...we'd never get anything done. You know its true. You'd be flicking rubber bands at me and I'd be shooting you with my stapler. LOL
Have a great day too dearest...
A ♥

manamoon said...

Oh that has be THE best umbrella I've ever seen!! Ah, pooh on the boss lady extension but at least you have a weekend between so a little time to recoup and vent through creativity! Hope it's a beautiful one for yah Ang!

hmmm, special blog posting?... tomorrow?.... hmmmm, nothing special happening tomorrow... nope, not a thing.... ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

*snicker* Heee heeee...uh...yep. Nothing special tomorrow at all. Nope. LOL :o)

Yeah about the umbrella...I wanna make one! I'm a crafter..I can do it, right? LOL

I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend!