Saturday, September 27, 2008

OH Yeah...Its Saturday!

F O R L A U R A ♥

Put me in coach! LOL

Well, here it is, half way through Saturday and I'm done (!yippee!) with pictures, names and descriptions of my necklaces. Now we're on to the earrings (names and descriptions), b/c those pics are done already. After that, I'll be in photoshop hell for a few hours, resizing, cropping and saving...blech. But it needs to be done; can't get outta that one. heeee

On a much brighter note, I had a SALE overnight! Whoot! Its so exciting to have sales. I think if I ever got to a point where I was not excited about sales, it'd be all over. LOL And honestly, its not about the money for me. Completely and utterly 100% true. I am just honored that someone likes the look of my jewelry; because there's a lot of jewelry out there. A LOT These pieces that I put so much time and thought into... to have them go out into the world thrills me beyond words. Shazaaaaaaam!

Off to have a bite to eat and finish up the earings. Have a nice rest of the day!
Love & Peace,


Lulu said...

I SOOO know about the sales - I just jumped around the house - as you know - doing OTTs, so here's an OTT coming at ya!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

LOL! Thanks Lu! OTT back at ya! And I'm still reeling from your purchase *wink* THANK YOU. It means so much :o)

manamoon said...

You ARE the official Queen of Fabulous Photos!! Love it!!

Woohoo!!! CONGRATS on your sale and I know what you mean!! Just imagining people out there wearing and loving our creations is so rewarding!!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks Angie! OMG Pet Detective is one of my fav movies! How did you know?? He is such a dork...I cry from laughter every time I watch his silly Pet movies!

OK, on to the topic! Yay for being done with pics, names and despriptions on necklaces! Oh, the pain of having to edit the pics, yuck!