Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes You Need A Little Help...

Happy Saturday everyone!

As much as I like to do things myself, I've learned its OK to ask for help! Its OK to put yourself out there, swallow your pride and realize you might need a little advice. I know there are lots of folks who believe they can do it all -- maybe they can -- and I say "Kudos" to them.

Personally, I feel the need to solve my problems on my own. After all, they are MY problems. {{"you got yourself into this pickle, get yourself out"}} I feel there are plenty of resources out there to help and guide me. The resources nowadays are practically endless. The problem that inevitably arises with that thought process is the void of human interaction. Believe it or not, there's most likely someone out there who has "been there before". And if they're willing to share an experience they've had, I tend to be all ears.

I'm not much on sharing my shortcomings. Not many want to admit they can't do it. But I've found some of the most beautiful, warm and caring friends by putting aside my doubts and being open to learning from their wisdom. A beautiful Danish Proverb: "He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning"

So this is a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to all my true friends. You're experiences in life have taught me to appreciate my own. I learn from them and they make me stronger.

Have a great day everyone!
Love & Peace


Any Occasion Boutique said...

How insightful, Angie!! And so very true. I know a few people who are too shy or too timid to ask for help and it has only hurt them in the end. Friends are a very important piece of our hearts and, without them, we fail miserably. It is obviously you already know because you are a wondeful friend to thank YOU :-)

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Angie and I loved the proverb - perfect!

I'm with you and used to think I was an island. I've learned so much from opening up to others and the greatest has been humility. You're a beautiful woman and I'm so glad you've chosen to share that beauty with us because in the end, what's below all of our frustrations, our pain and our anger is someone who not only needs love but deserves it as well.

Big weekend hugs for a beautiful day!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

You both are so dear to me. Thank you for your words!
I ♥ you both!

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Hugs back a ya Angie on this beautiful fall day!