Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Oh Why??

I've been in a "jewelry funk" lately. And although I've been trying to figure it out, I don't have an explanation...{sorry cute little kid lol}.

You know I love to be at my work table...but I haven't been over there in a couple of weeks now. I've been so preoccupied with life in general, I've forgotten that I need to take time out to sit down and be creative. Plus, Etsy has been soooooooooo sloooooooooow this month. I mean nothin...zero...zilch has been happening over there. ~CRAZY~
I did have a sale Sunday (heck yeah!) - a repeat customer bought two more pairs of earrings. Thank you Robin :o) And ya know...I felt the tiny spark - a tiny flicker of creativity - aaaaand its gone again. *sigh*

I'm sure we all go through slumps. Life happens, ya know? Me, being the boss last week - having so many other things to think about and worry about - its taken its toll and kept me from something that I truly love to do. So there you have it. And I really wonder sometimes how many people visit my site and think, "man...she doesn't have anything new" and move on to the next shop. That makes me feel horrible!! A potential sale, down the tube. Ugh.

Perhaps I'll get it all figured out. I mean, I'm sure I will...but there are, once again, many things on my mind this week. And this weekend, I have to be at my SIL's new house to help her arrange furniture and decorate. Its a busy week and a busy weekend for me. Maybe being away from my work table will help. Here's hoping!!

Have a great day my friends!! :o)

Love & Peace,


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I go through that, too. But something will spark your creativity and then you are off and running! Sometimes it helps me to browse through other shops and see the great things others are creating, color combinations, different gemstones, etc.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Bridget. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hahaa Thats actually a great idea. I'm off to check out Etsy. :) Thanks again!!

Rocki said...

Finally making my rounds! First off, LOVE that pic - very fitting for this post I see ;)

My finished jewelry site has been dreadfully slow as well, which makes me wonder how I stay busy on the other side of the coin when everything is so slow - ?

I'm sure it will pick back up before you know it!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Rocki :o)
Yeah, I'm hoping it will pick up for the holidays. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!!

Bluewater Studio, LLC said...

... creativity, it is an odd thing, isn't it? you sound like me. lol. ideas seemingly pop into our heads 24/7... and then we race to JUST do it... and realize we are out of time. I used to wish for more hours in the day... lol, but realized that if we had more hours each day, the "I don't want to do it" list would just be longer. I wrote a huge paper on time management for class one year, time to dig it out. Something that helps is to throw out all the to do lists... lol. Start. FRESH. lol.

On my grocery list, I added a TIMER, I am buying an egg timer today, and I will carry that with me into the office, by the computer - because I have to start LIMITING the time I surf Etsy - doing nothing, but drooling, and surfing OH SO MANY OTHER THINGS on the internet...

Right now I am drooling over the Kindle, I am getting one... for XMAS from Mom, BLESS our Moms lol... but, now I am compiling book lists to buy on Amazon, OMG. Talk about a time waster...

Ang, have you checked out the Kindle? Go to Amazon, or Oprah... $50 coupon good till Nov. 1.

AND I am in the same kinda "beady slump", you are not alone... I want to order NEW FRESH goodies, like some new glass rods... and some new beads... but I have SO MUCH... I can not justify the expense.

A regular stopped by Etsy Bead Shop and wanted specific beads, I was out of those, but have 100's of others, she went to a different seller... I lost her. I was bummed, but then I thought, there is just no way to constantly have 1000 beads in stock? is there? maybe over time? lol

I heart you, and we have to make a phone date soon... xoxo Maybe beginning of November???

Tons of hugs, and sending creative KARMA your way!!! Always, Sab.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know how frustrating these slumps can be and I definitely go through them but you'll be back at it soon enough, just hang in there sweet friend!

And as far as your shop goes, it's been slow everywhere (I hear that's typical for Oct) besides, I drool every time I visit your shop so maybe you need to provide galoshes to your visitors. ;-)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hi Sab!! Yeah, I checked out that dang Kindle...just one more thing I want but can't afford. Story of my life! lol

It does look way cool but...I wonder tho if I'd miss the actual book. The smell of a book. There's just nothing like it! lol

I'm glad I'm not alone in my funkiness. lol

Phone date? Hellz yeah - beginning of November sounds great to me. Let me know.
I heart you too!! ♥♥
xoxo A

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Sharon...your words always cheer me up. And I find it so hard to believe tho...you? drooling over MY shop?? Are you kidding? Maybe we should buy each other a pair of galoshes, because I do the SAME exact thing when I'm in your shop. LOL
Thank you for your words of encouragement. You're the best!

Lulu said...

Hey Ang -
Still on my business trip - is it truly only Tuesday? - but checking in. I only have Halloween stuff on etsy so I need to get my butt in gear this week and finish about 7 projects.

You are always creative, but sometimes, work gets in the way - you'll get it back, I know.
Have a good week!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Hey Lu-
Glad you stopped by :o)
Thanks for the encouragement. And I can't wait to see what new stuff ya got cookin!!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Oh yes, I have been there. You will get through it. I know I have issues when the weather begins to change...especially when it is weather I enjoy because I want to be outside! Don't dwell on it...the more you search for inspiration the deeper in the woods it hides. Let it come to you ;-) As for you not having anything to say......WTF????? You ALWAYS have something to say. Um, helloooooo, you're ANGIE!!!! LOL!!!! I always love what you have to say and always get a good laugh. Anyone who thinks it's the same ole shit can hit the highway ;-) I love ya and it looks like I'm not alone :-D

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Laura - I heart you too! LOL You're right and I think this week/weekend is just the time for me to stop looking for the inspiration and like you said...let it come to me. MWHAHA!
All of you are so wonderful!
Thank you all so much! ♥♥

Anonymous said...

Slumps, Slumps, I sit back and watch how creative all you girls are. And I see no slumps. Maybe sometimes the ideas take a little longer to formulate, but I wouldn't call that a slump. Good days or bad Just keep doing what your doing, you and the rest bring so much to this world with your creations.

Angie Kelly Designs said...

D, thank you! You've made my day with your kindness! :o)