Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dedicated to the husband. Everytime this guy comes on the TV, he mutes it. He can't stand his voice! LOL

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all well and I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been so busy IRL, that some things get moved to the back burner. *sigh*

Only one more day...till the weekend! Whoot Whoot!! :D I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and if I don't get back, have a wonderful weekend as well!

Love & Peace to all,



wingweaver said...

That's funny - we always mute him too!! I have half a day of work today and then we're on vacation for a month! That's a big Whoot Whoot!!! Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend - keri

Amy Esther said...


And I'm glad things are on the upswing for you...You're always so bright and cheerful, it's okay to have a couple of low days!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Thanks Keri ~ have a great vacation!!

Hey AMY!! Thank you!! :) I agree! ♥

artangel said...

I don't actually know who that is, but he looks like he'd be irritating!! Glad to hear you're feeling better Angie and have a wonderful weekend!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Angie!! Its you! lol ~ yes dear, be thankful you don't know who that guy is. really. he's A LOUD TALKER! lol
Thanks!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, we do the same thing in our house and what a miracle he contracted laryngitis!! I never wish ill on people but hey if things happen, sometimes you just have to rejoice. ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear friend!♥

Catherine said...

Hi Angie! I don't know who he is either but I can imagine why you'd press the mute button!

Hope you're okay and enjoying your weekend!

~Catherine~ xx

Anonymous said...

Let your husband know that I stand in solidarity with him on this one. Dear god this man is irritating!!!!!